McClellan rallies for Groton win


by Jay Davis

Michelle McClellan won medalist honors, leading the Lady Tigers to a tie for first place at the Groton Golf Invite on Monday.
After opening with a 51, McClellan took the tournament with a second round 45, the lowest nine of the field. Her 96 gave her a one-shot win.

“Michelle did a good job improving by six strokes on the second nine, which sealed the victory,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “She is a great leader for our team.”

McClellan trailed a pair of Milbank golfers after the first nine, but neither could improve their score enough to keep up with the Lady Tiger. Megan Schliesman led after nine holes with a 48, but shot 51 the second round and finished fifth. Amber Schuelke shot 49-49 for second place.

Chelsy Hoffman opened with a 52 before rallying with a 47 to shoot 99 and take fourth place.

“Chelsy is coming on strong and playing consistent golf,” said Weisbeck.

Emily Dale joined the top 10 and also improved by five strokes on her second nine. Dale shot 54-49-103 and finished ninth.
McClellan’s victory helped the Lady Tigers tie for first with Milbank. Both squads shot 413. Aberdeen Roncalli was third at 421.

“We are three-for-three on the team side of things,” said Weisbeck. “We hope to keep that going. With a little fine tuning and getting all of our girls on the same page, we will see even more success.”

The Lady Tigers will try to keep the momentum going this week as they prepare to host the annual Mobridge-Pollock Invitational at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday.

Before hitting the home course, the Lady Tigers will tee off in the Bowdle Invitational on Saturday.

The second team will also get to play the home course this week at the Mobridge-Pollock JV Invitational on Friday (weather permitting; the forecast is for rain).

– Jay Davis –

Groton Golf Invite
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 413, Milbank 413, Aberdeen Roncalli 421, Webster 446, Sisseton 455, Groton 458, Redfield-Doland 545.
Top 10: 1. Michelle McClellan, Mobridge-Pollock, 51-45-96; 2. Amber Schuelke, Milbank, 49-48-97; 3. Brea Dziuk, Sisseton, 50-48-98; 4. Chelsy Hoffman, Mobridge-Pollock, 52-47-99; 5. Megan Schliesman, Milbank, 48-51-99; 6. Allison Thielsen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 54-46-100; 7. Kayla Kirchmeier, Webster, 54-48-102; 8. Samantha Bot, Aberdeen Roncalli, 50-52-102; 9. Emily Dale, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-49-103; 10. Morgan Jones, Milbank, 52-53-105.
The Field: Maddie Colestock, Groton, 56-52-108; Faith Heller, Aberdeen Roncalli, 55-54-109; Brianna Weber, Aberdeen Roncalli, 56-54-110; Alexa Volesky, Webster, 53-57-110; Hayley Cerroll, Sisseton, 53-58-111; Audrey Souza, Milbank, 54-58-112; Carrie Brooks, Sisseton, 58-55-113; Megan Nelson, Webster, 57-56-113; Jessica Dornbusch, Milbank, 56-58-114; Kaitlynn O’Neill, Florence-Henry, 56-58-114; Breezy Kuehl, Mobridge-Pollock, 58-57-115; Kasey Waage, Groton, 58-57-115; Allison Weber, Groton, 58-57-115; Sara Lemmer, Redfield-Doland, 57-58-115; Miranda Eisemann, Mobridge-Pollock, 64-54-118; Alexa Schuring, Groton, 62-58-120; Ashlynn Kampa, Webster, 56-65-121; Rachel Blackmun, Groton, 61-61-122; Sidney Spiering, Webster, 63-60-123; Madison Brandenburger, Aberdeen Roncalli, 67-59-126; Sierra Campbell, Redfield-Doland, 72-58-130; Nikki Koehler, Groton, 66-67-133; Laci LaFromboise, Sisseton, 61-72-133; Mackenzie Frederick, Sisseton, 68-67-135; Raven Wacholz, Redfield-Doland, 75-74-149; Josie Whitley, Redfield-Doland, 77-74-151.

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