Tiger Educational Foundation’s Second Chance Raffle


by Travis Svihovec

Tiger Educational Foundation’s Second Chance Raffle raised more than $8,000 for undergraduate scholarships, and the biggest part of that success came from raffle winner Mike Jerome of Mobridge.

“The raffle exceeded our expectations,” TEF board member Doug Heil said. “For Mike to donate the winnings back to TEF was unexpected and extremely generous.”

TEF board members sold 77 tickets at $100 each. Tickets were drawn Friday during the Mobridge Chamber of Commerce’s annual Surf ‘n Turf fundraiser. Entrants were eliminated as their names were drawn, with every tenth person having the choice of getting their money back or putting their ticket back in to go for the $5,000 grand prize. Every person in that position opted to put their name back in for the drawing. When seven people remained, there was a second chance to get involved as a ticket was auctioned. When four players remained, another ticket was auctioned. Jerome had been eliminated earlier and bought the last ticket for more than $700.

The five finalists had the option of splitting the $5,000. If one wanted to continue drawing, all the names went back in the hat and one more was eliminated. The other four finalists (John Badgley, Dr. Tom Swanson, Ervin Dupper and Wanda Martin) said they’d take the split. By this time, people in the crowd were shouting for someone to keep the drawing going. Jerome raised his right hand, extended his index finger and made a circular motion.

“Let it ride,” he said.

Martin was the first one out in the next draw. Jerome made the same motion and in the next draw Swanson was eliminated. Badgley was the third one out, again with Jerome being the only one ready to take the chance. It was up to him and Dupper, but Jerome was on a roll and put the names to a draw. Dupper was eliminated. Heil, emcee of the raffle, congratulated Jerome, who whispered to Heil that he would donate it all back to TEF.

“I’m surprised at the way it played out and the excitement it generated for the crowd,” Heil said. “When the crowd got going, that was fun.”

TEF uses undergraduate scholarships to help defray the cost of learning experiences that might require travel or other costs. Those opportunities are in areas such as music, math, science, art, health or leadership. Participants in those events apply directly to TEF for the scholarships.

– Travis Svihovec –

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