Rehab grants available for homeowners


by Katie Zerr

Mobridge homeowners who meet the income requirements have an opportunity to receive help with home rehabilitation.
Mobridge City Councilman Gene Cox and Northeast South Dakota Economic Development Executive Director Christine Martin Goldsmith secured the grant funding for rehabilitation projects.

The city has been granted $50,000 in home preservation funding to aid low-income and very low-income homeowners.

“I worked with Christine in securing these grants in order for people to make needed upgrades to their homes,” said Cox. “We have a good number of people who qualify in Walworth County, so we thought this would be a great opportunity for them.”

Eligible homeowners must be within the following low-income guidelines for Walworth County which are: as follows: a one person household, $31,600; two people, $36,100; three people, $40,600; four people, $45,100; five people, $48,750; six people, $52,350; seven people, $55,950; and an eight person- household, $59,550.

The need for assistance will be based on pre-inspection by the City of Mobridge.

“The amount homeowners can receive depends on how many qualified applicants we get,” said Cox. “If we have a request for a $10,000 and we can only give them $8,000, we will encourage them to work with HAPI homes to or seek other funding options to finish the work.”

HAPI Homes in Aberdeen also has rehabilitation grants available for these types of projects.

This is how the grant process works. The homeowner will not be reimbursed and/or the contractor will not be paid until the project is completed. The project will be inspected and the City of Mobridge will be provided with documentation of the fees for rehab (labor, materials, etc.).

Rehab projects that will be considered for grant funding include painting, floor covering, electrical upgrade, shingles, siding, new door locks, plumbing fixtures, handicapped accessible items, windows, doors, furnace and/or air condition installation, and water heaters.

Other rules include, homes must be on a permanent foundation (no mobile homes), the homes must be owner/occupied. No rental homes or apartments are eligible.

Grants funds cannot be used by tenant or landlord for a rental unit.

All requests must be approved by the city prior to work being done.

“We also will give grants for home demolition projects if the home owner plans to rebuild on that site,” said Cox. “The home would be cleaned up and then the owner has the opportunity to work with HAPI Homes or another builder to build a new home.

Cox said two homes that were constructed by HAPI Homes in east Mobridge are still available for sale and he is available to help interested buyers in starting that process.

“We as a city council want our city to be a nice place to live and a clean place to raise a family,” he said. “This is an opportunity to make that happen.”

– Katie Zerr –

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