200th Engineers on their way home


by Katie Zerr

There has been no further information on the day or time Detachment 2 of South Dakota National Guard’s 200th Engineering Company will arrive in Mobridge.

The soldiers are expected to be home sometime between May 7 and May 12.

Officials will notify personal at the Mobridge Armory within 72 hours of the soldiers arriving home as to the exact day and time.

A parade and short welcome home ceremony is being planned. The parade route has changed from the original plan, with the soldiers riding a flatbed trailer from east of Mobridge on Grand Crossing, down Main Street and back, out on West Grand Crossing and across on 12th Street back to Mobridge-Pollock High School.

There will be a short ceremony at the Mobridge-Pollock High School gym before the soldiers are dismissed.

Detailed information will be released through the local media as soon as it is received.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to show their support for the troops by displaying flags, decorating homes, yards and buildings and making signs.

The 200th, a multi-role bridging company, has spent the year serving in Afghanistan at Fort Leatherneck. The unit has built, operated, maintained and protected bridging systems for Coalition Forces in the region.

The 200th is the only bridge building company in Afghanistan.

In a transfer ceremony on April 27, the unit completed their mission in Afghanistan, and is preparing to be stateside soon.

Katie Zerr

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