Relay teams compete with state’s best


Given the opportunity to run against the best in the state, the Tiger relay teams chose to shine at the Sioux Falls Relays on Friday and Saturday.

“I am so proud of how the kids are performing at meets,” said coach Rhonda Frederick. “They are all stepping up.”
The boys’ 800-meter and 1600-meter relays teams each set new Tigers records while taking fourth place in each race. The medley relay team had the best finish, coming in third and qualifying for state in the process.

Austin Borah, Cody Schaefbauer, Peyton Friesz and Bailley Friesz were at top speed in the 800 and 1600. The team ran the 800 in 1 minute, 30.27 seconds to eclipse their old mark of 1:30.91. They knocked more than a second off their 1600 record, coming in at 3:29.07 and erasing the 3:30.91 they ran earlier this spring. The runners are ranked first in Class A in both races.

Schaefbauer and Peyton Friesz ran with Mason Keller and Jason Hill to qualify for state in the medley relay. The foursome came in at 3:45.62, which is ranked third in the Class A standings.

In the official standings at, the times are even quicker. The official standings show faster times, because the Sioux Falls Relays used fully automating timing (FAT) for the races. The standings show the 800 time at 1:30.1, the 1600 time at 3:28.5 and the medley time at 3:45.1 after the .24-second reduction.

Daniel Roberts met up with his rival, Tyler Schultz of Custer and fell one foot short of victory in the discus. The defending champion threw a career best 184 feet, 10 inches to edge Roberts in the discus. Roberts came in at 183-10. Schultz, the national leader in shot put, was way out of reach in his feature event. Schultz topped out at 67-3. Roberts did not disappoint as his second-place finish came on a career-high throw of 57-1.

Kass Keller did not end up in the top eight in either the 200 or 400, but did run state-qualifying times in both races. Most important was the 26.87-second 200, which is the first time Keller has met the state standard in the 200. She ran a 1:10.59 in the 400. Keller finished 13th and 10th, respectively, in the races.

Bailley Friesz ripped off a 50.57-second lap to take third in the 400 and added a ninth-place finish in the 200 with a time of 22.64.

Steph Gemar threw the discus and shot in two different divisions, and came out very respectably, taking third in Division B shot put and fifth in Division A discus. Gemar threw the shot 32-9 and the discus 123-11.

Borah reached the finals in the 100 and 200, taking seventh place in each event. He ran the 100 three times (qualifying round, semifinals and finals) and ran consistently, coming in at 11.32, 11.36 and 11.37, respectively. His 200 time was 22.5.

Even though the Tigers did not end up taking any gold medals, they were beaten by the best Class AA relay teams and individuals in the state. None of the three relay teams were outrun by a Class A team. Only one Class A runner was faster than Borah in the 100 and none were faster in the 200. Friesz lost only to AA runners in the 200 and 400. Even Keller, while finishing farther down, did not get outrun by many runners in her own division. She was beaten by just one Class A runner in the 200. She lost to two Class A runners and one Class B runner (Jessika Wager of Gettysburg) in the 400.
The Tigers and Lady Tigers competed in a few more events. The boy’s 3200-meter relay team finished 12th at 8:55.11 (fourth among Class A teams). Schaefbauer ran a 23.36 and took 19th in the 200. Cassie Heumiller ran a 2:35.69 for 29th in the 800. The Lady Tigers’ 1600-meter relay team took 12th at 4:26.4 and the medley relay team took 14th at 4:37.22.
– Jay Davis –

Sioux Falls Relays
Boys Division
100-Meter Dash: 1. Gemechu Godi, Sioux Falls Lincoln, 10.88; 2. Mat Vandeberg, Brandon Valley, 11.19; 3. Jake Riss, Rapid City Central, 11.24; 4. Brett Korn, Sioux Falls Christian, 11.25; 5. Bo Arnold, Watertown, 11.35; 6. Cody Taggert, Brandon Valley, 11.36; 7. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 11.37; 8. Mark Moeller, Rosholt, 11.39.
200-Meter Dash: 1. Nate Gerry, Sioux Falls Washington, 21.6; 2. Gemechu Godi, Sioux Falls Lincoln, 21.75; 3. Randy Tardif, Bismarck, 22.06; 4. Tyler Unruh, Bismarck, 22.28; 5. Cole Boughner, Anoka, 22.37; 6. Adam Belhaj, Sioux Falls Lincoln, 22.44; 7. Austin Borah, Mobridge-Pollock, 22.5; 8. Jake Riss, Rapid City Central, 22.56; 9. Bailley Friesz, Mobridge-Pollock, 22.64.
400-Meter Dash: 1. Jordan Strand, Sioux Falls Washington, 49.97; 2. Cam Holmes, Brandon Valley, 50.07; 3. Bailley Friesz, Mobridge-Pollock, 50.57; 4. Isaac Walth, Bismarck, 50.58; 5. Darin Peterka, Miller, 50.7; 6. Marcello Akok, Sioux Falls Lincoln, 50.74; 7. Asher Pikula, Rapid City Central, 50.99; 8. Mark Moeller, Rosholt, 51.44.
Division A Shot Put: 1. Tyler Schultz, Custer, 67-3; 2. Daniel Roberts, Mobridge-Pollock, 57-1; 3. Alex Renner, Watertown, 56-5.5; 4. Tyler Robel, Watertown, 51-9; 5. Greg Witt, Custer, 50-2; 6. Jake Weber, Rapid City Central, 49-10.75; 7. Aaron Beard, Rapid City Central, 49-4.5; 8. Blake Lohr, Watertown, 49-4.
Division A Discus: 1. Tyler Schultz, Custer, 184-10; 2. Daniel Roberts, Mobridge-Pollock, 183-10; 3. Jack Lembcke, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 163-10; 4. Jaden Friedt, Bismarck, 158-5; 5. Tyler Robel, Watertown, 156-3; 6. Greg Witt, Custer, 155-1; 7. Clay Guinn, Brandon Valley, 153-1; 8. Brett Gehring, Bismarck, 147-5.
800-Meter Relay: 1. Sioux Falls Lincoln, 1:28.14; 2. Bismarck, 1:29.47; 3. Brandon Valley, 1:29.83; 4. Mobridge-Pollock (Austin Borah, Peyton Friesz, Cody Schaefbauer, Bailley Friesz), 1:30.27; 5. Anoka, 1:31.93; 6. Watertown, 1:32.01; 7. Rapid City Central, 1:32.23; 8. Sioux Falls Washington, 1:32.46.
1600-Meter Relay: 1. Sioux Falls Washington, 3:21.92; 2. Bismarck, 3:25.18; 3. Mitchell, 3:25.93; 4. Mobridge-Pollock (Bailley Friesz, Austin Borah, Cody Schaefbauer, Peyton Friesz), 3:29.07; 5. Brandon Valley, 3:29.77; 6. Rapid City Central, 3:30.04; 7. Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 3:30.8; 8. Rapid City Stevens, 3:33.44.
1600-Meter Medley Relay: 1.Sioux Falls Washington, 3:39.86; 2. Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 3:43.02; 3. Mobridge-Pollock (Mason Keller, Peyton Friesz, Cody Schaefbauer, Jason Hill), 3:45.62; 4. Worthington, 3:45.62; 5. Lac Qui Parle Valley/Dawson-Boyd, 3:45.72; 6. Anoka, 3:46.05; 7. Brandon Valley, 3:46.77; 8. Winner, 3:46.92.

Girls Division
Division B Shot Put: 1. Deloris Herman, Winner, 33-7; 2. Cassidy Hanson, Winner, 22-37.5; 3. Steph Gemar, Mobridge-Pollock, 32-9; 4. Lexi Russell, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 32-2; 5. Emily Pengilly, Watertown, 31-7.5; 6. Veronica Jakobek, Watertown, 31-7; 7. Kerry Wilson, Sturgis, 31-2; 8. McKenzie Werner, Watertown, 30-5.
Division A Discus: 1. Ashley Ostrem, Beresford, 136-8; 2. Hannah Steele, Windom Area, 125-10; 3. Haley Hinseth, Irene-Wakonda, 125-10; 4. Makayla Whirlwind Horse, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 125-8; 5. Steph Gemar, Mobridge-Pollock, 123-11; 6. Allison Keohn, Brandon Valley, 121-10; 7. Brianna Holter, Watertown, 121-8; 8. Naomi Rust, Bismarck, 115-2.

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