Lady Tigers prepare for postseason at pre-region meet


The Lady Tigers set the stage for a successful Region 3A Meet by taking third place at the pre-region at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell on Monday.

“It was a good day for a warmer-upper,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “The girls realized that if they play a little better and beat Wagner, they can bring home some hardware.”

Before the meet, Weisbeck stated that the pre-region would hold some new challenges; much quicker greens, Parkston, a bit more challenging course, and Parkston.

Bringing up Parkston twice proved to be two times short as the Parkston girls took the first four places in the meet, led by medalist Sydney Bormann. The eighth-grader shot 82 to win the meet.

Michelle McClellan beat everyone but the Parkston girls to take fifth place. McClellan shot 47-45-92. Chelsy Hoffman came in seventh with 46-52-98. The other teammates were farther back as Emily Dale took 18th, Aundrea Kramer 19th and Miranda Eisemann 28th. The imaginary cut was at 26 so the top four girls would have earned automatic berths in the state tournament.

“The way we finished, we would take the whole team to state,” said Weisbeck. “That is exciting.”

The top three teams in the region qualify for state, but Weisbeck said his Lady Tigers would like to make up the 13 strokes they finished behind Wagner and take home the second-place plaque.

“The possibility of beating Wagner is a challenge I think the girls are up for,” said Weisbeck.

The Lady Tigers and the rest of the region will return to Lakeview Golf Course on Monday for the Region 3A Golf Tournament. The Class A Golf Tournament will be at Southern Hills Golf Course in Hot Springs on May 21 and 22.
– Jay Davis –

Pre Region Meet
Team Scores: Parkston 336, Wagner 403, Mobridge-Pollock 416, Chamberlain 429, Bon Homme 472, Winner 481, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 501.
Individual Results: 1. Sydney Bormann Parkston, 41-41-82; 2. Jordan Bormann, Parkston, 41-41-82; 3. Logan Wagner, Parkston, 43-40-83; 4. Taylor Bormann, Parkston, 45-44-89; 5. Michelle McClellan, Mobridge-Pollock, 47-45-92; 6. Devon Brekke, Wagner, 43-52-95; 7. Chelsy Hoffman, Mobridge-Pollock, 46-52-98; 8. Sydney Weber, Parkston, 50-49-99; 9. Tristen Scherr, Wagner, 48-51-99; 10. Brittany Cihak, Bon Homme, 50-51-101;
11. Brigitte Byrd, Chamberlain, 52050-102; 12. Jacqueline Juffer, Wagner, 49-55-104; 13. Courtney Hanson, Wagner, 52-53-105; 14. Libby Renberger, Chamberlain, 50-58-108; 15. Logan Schroyer, Chamberlain, 54-55-109; 16. Sara Moore, Chamberlain, 543-56-110; 17. Damin Quick Bear, St. Francis Indian, 57-55-12; 18. Emily Dale, Mobridge-Pollock, 56-57-113; 19. Aundrea Kramer, Mobridge-Pollock, 53-60-113; 20. Toria Byrd, Chamberlain, 53-61-114;
21. Arial Swallow, Winner, 58-58-116; 22. Megan Burbach, Bon Homme, 57-59-116; 23. Jussa Fillmore-Melendez, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 64-53-117; 24. Sydney Schad, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 59-58-117; 25. Alexa Cimpl, Wagner, 57-60-117; 26. Kelsey Espinoza, St. Francis Indian, 56-62-118; 27. Tatum Mendoza, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 62-57-119; 28. Miranda Eisemann, Mobridge-Pollock, 55-65-120; 29. Natalie Grunlund, Winner, 54-66-120; 30. Kathleen Juffer, Wagner, 70-52-122;
31. Brooke Schroeder, Winner, 61-61-122; 32. Britney Hanson, Winner, 59-64-123; 33. Brenda Walloch, Bon Homme, 68-59-127; 34. Chey Brushbreaker, St. Francis Indian, 63-65-128; 35. Hanna Covey, Winner, 62-66-128; 36. Kassie Boese, Bon Homme, 59-69-128; 37. Jody Kriz, Bon Homme, 61-72-122; 38. Kelsey Shorley, Todd County, 69-66-135; 39. Caitlin Jansen, Todd County, 65-75-140; 40. Sara Husher, Winner, 74-70-144; 41. Justin Cook-Twite, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 58-90-148; 42. Jalyn Swalley, Todd County, 88-89-177.

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