And the winners are…


Nearly 25 businesses took part in the Welcome Home 200th window display contest sponsored by the Mobridge Chamber of Commerce, the Mobridge Tribune and Reminder and Dakota Radio Group. Judging took place Monday, May 7, with Mobridge-Pollock Art Instructor Deb Walker and volunteer art students acting as judges.

Yellow Sub was awarded first place in the window decorating contest. Yellow Sub employees James Austin, Whitney Crow Feather, Amber Bieber and Mellissa Bender did the artwork. Not pictured is Kristyn Fischer.

Second place in the window decorating contest went to the Mobridge Ministerial Association Thrift Store. Pictured are store manager Donna Hamre (left) and assistant manager and food pantry coordinator Darci Enderson.

Deanne Mott of Ozsome Nails was awarded third place in the window decorating contest held to welcome returning National Guard troops.

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