JAY DAVIS: Young Lady Tigers making golfing noise


I’ve spent most of the spring bragging up the Tigers and Lady Tigers as they careen toward never-before-seen success at the state level in track. I think it’s time to step away for at least a couple paragraphs and talk about the Lady Tiger golf team.

These girls have been getting better by the week, better by the meet and better by the practice. One cannot discount the youth factor when analyzing the amazing growth they made between the pre-region meet last week and the Region 3A tourney on Monday.

Team leader Michelle McClellan is the voice of experience. Not only is she the only senior on the team, she is the only one on the team old enough to drive after dark! We could start counting the juniors, but there aren’t any. We could add up the sophomores, but that comes to zero. Yup, that’s how young this team is. Miranda Eisemann, Chelsy Hoffman and Aundrea Kramer are all freshmen and Emily Dale is an eighth-grader.

So how remarkable is it that the four youngsters combined to make up 45 strokes in one week at the Mitchell golf course?

Coach Jason Weisbeck has plenty to do with the rise of the youth; that is for sure. He has the girls playing calm and confident, yet inspired golf. We shall see what this weekend brings.

The girls do have some state experience to lean on. McClellan is a cagy veteran who has been through the postseason many times. Hoffman and Dale are already making their second trip to state. The bright lights of the big city should not blind the Lady Tigers. Besides, the big city is Hot Springs so the lure of evening entertainment won’t be a worry anyway.
The entries for the state meet are not ready on the SDHSAA website so I can’t tell you where the girls stand entering the tournament, but I can tell you this. The Lady Tigers will play well. And then they will play even better on day two. Will they make up more than 40 strokes with their improvement? I hope not. If things go the way they could, there won’t be room for that much improvement.

The girls finished ninth in state last spring. A top five finish is not out of the realm of possibilities this year.

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