Three advance to state essay contest


Mobridge students Jenna Peterson, Kaycee Redmond and Reese Cerney will advance to state competition after placing in the District 4 Americanism Poem and Essay contest sponsored by the South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary.

Redmond, a sixth-grader, took first place in district competition for fifth and sixth grades. Eleventh-grader Peterson and fourth-grader Cerney finished second in their respective categories. All three entered the essay contest.

The essay theme was “How Can I Show My Patriotism in My Community?” and the poem theme was “Giving Our Loyalty for All Veterans.”

Local winners in the poem contest are:
• Third grade: Kate Fulkerson, first; Channing Wientjes, second.
• Fourth grade: Serena Mosset, first; Alexa Looyenga, second.
Local winners in the essay contest are:
• Fourth grade: Cerney, first; Tucker Holzer, second.
• Sixth grade: Redmond, first; Makenzie Gienger, second.
• Seventh grade: Aryn Looyenga, first; Keiara Lesmeister, second.
• Eighth grade: Krista Ulmer, first; Trent Hammer, second.
• 10th grade: Brandon Fish, first; Austin Gustafson, second.
• 11th grade: Peterson, first; Alex Greger, second.
• 12th: Lizzy Fischer, first; Mason Soft, second.

First-place finishers advanced to district competition. Fifth and ninth grade did not participate. Teachers involved were Miss Duffy and Mrs. Looyenga, third grade; Mrs. Brewer and Mr. Rabenberg, fourth grade; Mr. LaMont, sixth, seventh and eighth grades; Mr. Weisbeck, 10th and 11th grades; Mr. Storly, 12th grade.

All the poems and essays can be seen at Here are the essays written by Redmond, Peterson and Cerney.

– Jan Payer, Travis Svihovec –

Kaycee Redmond
Dist. 4
Grade 6
First place

How Can I Show My Patriotism in My Community?

I can show patriotism by standing up and showing respect when the American flag goes by. At volleyball games and basketball games, I can stand up during the National Anthem. If someone is being disrespectful, I could tell them to be quiet during the National Anthem. I put my hand on my heart to show respect to my country. I think the soldiers in Afghanistan would appreciate us giving respect to what they fight for.

I can also than the soldiers that have fought for the freedom of our country. If you know anybody that has ever fought in a war you should stop and just say thank you. They will remember that someone appreciates what they do. They should realize that we love them for what they have done for our country. Without the soldiers, we could not pick where we go to school, church, or even where to get our groceries.

We should keep our community clean. If there is garbage in a road ditch, you could stop and pick it up. If you see a piece of garbage on a playground, find a garbage can and throw it away. We need to keep our community clean. If the playgrounds and parks are all filled with garbage, we will have nowhere to play. We should not throw garbage in the river. If you are out on the boat, just keep your garbage until you find a garbage can. If you litter in the river it will kill all of the wildlife that live in the river.

You should help out older people in your neighborhood. If a neighbor needs their grass mowed you could mow it for them. If someone has a lot of leaves in their yard you could rake it for them.

I think it is important to show patriotism in your community. There are many ways to show patriotism. Remember that some people’s family is in a different country fighting for America.

Jenna Peterson
Dist. 4
Grade 11
Second place

How Can I Show Patriotism in My Community?

There are many things I could do to show my patriotism in my community. I could hang a flag in my yard, give respect to soldiers families, and do volunteer work around the community.

By hanging a flag in my yard, I would show the most respect. A flag is the symbol of the United States and shows that we are all linked together in some way. The stars represent the fifty states, and the stripes make us remember about our nation’s beginning. Those two put together show the connection that all citizens hold. Hanging a flag would also show how much I care for our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hanging a flag overnight is required by law to have a light shining on it at all times.

Another way is by going around to current soldiers’ families or to veteran’s families and showing them respect for what they have done for our country. I would thank them, and tell them that I truly appreciate what their loved ones have done for us. I would pray with the families that have lost a loved one in war. I would try to console them and help them through that hard time in their life. There are other ways I could pay respect to the soldiers too. I could visit the veterans’ cemetery, or donate to Wreaths Across America, an organization that puts a Christmas wreath on every soldier’s grave in the veteran’s cemetery.

The third and final way to show patriotism in my community would be to volunteer throughout my community. There are many ways to volunteer in Mobridge. I could help hang flags on Main Street. I could plant flowers in the flowerbeds on Main Street or in City Park. I could pick up trash on the side of the road and in ditches. Keeping the town clean shows patriotism in the community, because people are proud of a nice looking town. It would be a lot of work to volunteer in these ways, but it is nothing compared to what the soldiers and their families are doing every day. I bet the soldiers would rather clean ditches, help hang flags, or plant flowers, instead of doing what their day job consists of in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sure the soldiers would rather sleep in their own beds, and wake up to an alarm, instead of having to sleep on uncomfortable cots on foreign soil, or wake up to gun shots or bombs going off close to their base. So with that, the few things we could do to help out our community are nothing compared to what the men in uniform do every single day.

I have said the ways I could improve to be more patriotic in my community, like volunteering, hanging flags or visiting soldiers’ families. These small suggestions may seem like small efforts by one individual, but if many people do these things the rewards our community receives will be tremendous!

Reese Cerney, Dist. 4
Second place
Fourth Grade

How Can I Show My Patriotism In My Community?

These are some of the things I can do to show honor and love for my country.

First, I always follow the laws in my country. These are some that I follow. I don’t litter, don’t steal and many more.
Another thing I do is say the Plege of Allegiance. We do that every day at school. I also am polite to people in my town, state, and country. I could have fundraisers for the homeless. We had a fundraiser at the Scherr-Howe Arena. We raised a lot of money.

In school we are learning the 50 states and capitals.

Another thing we do all over is we pay taxes. If we didn’t pay taxes our country would be way different.

Finally when I’m old enough I can go join the Army to fight for my country.

There are lots and lots of things you can do to show patriotism. These are just a few that you can do.

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