MP students earn awards, scholarships


Mobridge-Pollock School District held the annual awards day banquet Friday, May 11, with the following students being honored.

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award-Michelle McClellan and Dylan Mickelson.

Pratt-Heins Foundation Scholarship ($1000)-Kirby Greger. Pratt-Heins Pluggers Scholarship ($1000)-Kinzey Harrison.

American Legion Citizenship Award-Kirby Greger and Kimberly Helm.

American Legion Scholarship-($200)-Dylan Mickelson.

Boys State Award-Daniel Hintz, Stephen Gemar, Alex Greger and Brady Spiry.

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship ($200)-Kinzey Harrison.

Girls State Award-Melissa May, Lynda Martin-Goldsmith, and Whitney Stroeder.

Tiger Educational Foundation ($1000): Walter Spilos Memorial Scholarship-Lauren Brekke; TEF Scholarship-Jacob Fonkert; Lowe Family Scholarship-Kirby Greger; Mary Jane Morrison Memorial Scholarship-Katie Heil; TEF Scholarship-Kimberly Helm; J. Randell Meyer Scholarship-Trevor Jerome; Doug Glader Family Scholarship-Kassidy Keller; Pirnie and Mildred Brown Memorial Scholarship-Kylee Kettering; TEF Scholarship-Dylan Mickelson; TEF Scholarship-Cassidy Ulmer.
Rotary Club ($500)-Michelle McClellan.
Knights of Columbus Scholarship-$750-Trey Marshall, Kirby Greger.
National Guard $300-Katie Heil.
Masonic Lodge Scholarship ($250)-Kylee Kettering.
Dacotah Star Scholars- $500-Trevor Jerome and Kirby Greger.
Local Scholarship Awards:
Jack and Sharon Dady ($300)-Kim Helm;
Paul D. Dady($300)-Elizabeth Fischer;
Mickey Todd Imberi ($200) Bailley Friez;
Petcoff ($300)-Dylan Mickelson.
Pollock School Foundation-Kirby Greger and Trevor Jerome.
Morgan Scholarship-Dylan Mickelson.
SDSMT-Trevor Jerome and Jackob Fonkert.
WRT-Kirby Greger.
College Access Scholarship-Dylan Szczur.
National Scholar/Athlete Award-Collin Jensen and Kassidy Keller.
12th Governor’s Leadership Luncheon-Ellie Rabenberg.
HOBY-Ellie Rabenberg.
BIG Idea Competition Award-Hudson Shillingstad.
Participation-Emily Stenberg, Miranda Eismann, Haley Filler,
National Financial Capability Challenge-Trevor Jerome, Kassidy Keller, Dylan Mickelson, Holden Shillingstad, and Kayla Silbernagel.

Football-Briana Ebel, Gabbi Chase, Michelle McClellan, Lynda Martin, Sarah Lawrence, Lauren Brekke, Lindsay Neumiller, Hannah Lawrence.
Boys Basketball-Alexis Frey, Kayleigh Henderson, Anna Netzer, Mary Martin, Shawna Madison.
Girls Basketball-Mary Martin, Kassy Nisbet, Whitney Stroeder, Brandi Martian, Anna Netzer.
Wrestling-Melissa May, Siri Fugman, Brandi Martian, Shawna Madison, Alexis Frey, Kayleigh Henderson. 

Class of 2011-12 Scholarship Awards
Zach Block-NSU WolfPact $5000 over four years
Lauren Brekke-Augustana Leadership $4,000 over four years,Augustana Achievement $40,000 over four years, Creighton University Joeseph J. Labaj, S.J. Recognition award, C for Accomplishment and Leadership-$12,000 over four years, University of Mary-St. Thomas Welder $4,500,University of Nebraska at Kearney-Merit Scholarship $22,000,Music Scholarship $1,000 a year.
Camerin Davis-University of North Dakota Achievement Scholarship-$4000 a year for four years.
Collin Jensen-Wrestling Scholarship from University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
Kristyn Fischer-University of Mary $2,500.
Jacob Fonkert-SDSMT-Tech Scholarship, Opportunities Scholarship-$5,000 over four years.
Kayla Fred-SDSU $4,000 over four years.
Peyton Friesz-NSU WolfPact $5000 over four years.
Kirby Greger-NSU WolfPact $11,000 over four years, St. Thomas $6,000 for four years, University of Mary $6,000 every year, $3,000 every year, and Choir $800 every year, MSUM $8,000 every year.
Kinzey Harrison-Avera St. Luke’s Auxiliary $500.
Kimberly Helm-Daughters of the American Revolution Hatterscheidt Foundation $1,500, Presentation College $16,000 ($4000 a year).
Alexis Hoisington-NSU WolfPact $7,000 over four years.
Chance Imberi-Dakota State University-Achievement Champion Scholarship, Mitchell Technical Institute-$2,000 Star Scholarship.
Trevor Jerome-SDSMT Surbeck and Bonus Scholarship-$28,000 over four years, Colorado School of Mines and Technology-$48,000 over four years, University of North Dakota Presidential Scholarship $12,000 over four years, Opportunities Scholarship $5,000 over four years.
Kassidy Keller-Black Hills State University-$2000 Buzz Bonus Scholarship, Concordia College (Minn) $10,000.
Kylee Kettering-University of South Dakota-Coyote Commitment Promise School, Augustana Leadership $4,000 over four years, Augustana Academic Scholarship $11,000 a year.
Michelle McClellan-USD Coyote Commitment Promise Scholarship $4,000 over four years.
Dylan Mickelson-NSU WolfPact $5000 over four years, 2012 Career& Technical Education Scholar,
Tiara Quenzer-University of Mary $4,500.
Tyler Svihovec-NSU WolfPact-$5,000 over four years.
Kasandra Swift-University of Sioux Falls Achievement Scholarship $7,000.
Cassidy Ulmer-Northwestern College (Iowa)-Collegiate Scholarship, Concordia Academic Excellence Scholarship $13,000, Concordia Leadership Scholarship $4,000 per year, Concordia Dean Scholarship $5,000 per year.
Oral Interp: Letter winners-
• Abigail Fred-1st, Anna Netzer-1st, Ellie Rabenberg, Jacob Fonkert*, Kayla Fred,
Kirby Greger*, Lauren Brekke, Lynda Martin-Goldsmith, MaKayla Hardcastle-1st,
Megan Armfield-1st, Melissa May*, Trevor Jerome, Tyler Svihovec, Whitney
Stroeder-1st, Mary Martin
All Lettered; 1st= first year lettered
Zach Block and Dylan Mickelson-participants
State Qualifiers Drama:
Abigail Fred, Bryce Hayes, Dylan Mickelson, Gabbi Chase, Justin Yellow
Horse, Kenny Helm, Makaela Moser, MaKayla Hardcastle, Laura Piatt
Ellie Rabenberg, Megan Armfield, Whitney Stroeder, Mary Martin-Goldsmith
Regionals: Alex Greger, Anna Netzer, Dylan Mickelson, Jacob Fonkert,
Justin Yellow Horse, Kayla Fred, Kirby Greger, Lauren Brekke,
Lynda Martin-Goldsmith, Melissa May, Trevor Jerome, and
Tylver Svihovec.
Editor’s Pins: Kass Keller and Cass Ulmer.
Certificates: Kyle Dillman, Elizabeth Fischer, Hudson Frankfurth, Peyton Friesz,
Kyra Hammer, Bryce Hayes, Nicki Hepper, Kaitlin Holzer,
Jeremy Johnson, Kassidy Keller, Sarah Lawrence, Trey Marshall,
Shawn Merkel, Dylan Mickelson, Jenna Peterson, Jason Roebuck,
Leah Schmidt, Holden Shillingstad, Laticia Two Hearts,
Cassidy Ulmer, Cody Zeller.
Student Council Awards-President-Kirby Greger.
Vice President-Lynda Martin-Goldsmith.
Secretary-Ellie Rabenberg.
Treasurer-Alexis Frey.
Marilyn Schlekeway Writing Award-Cassidy Ulmer.
Henry Hauck Social Studies Award ($150)-Kirby Greger.
Perfect Attendance- Taryn Fischer.
No Tardies for the School Year 2011-12 (As of May 1, 2012):
12th Grade-Jacob Fonkert, Allison Gonzales, Kirby Greger, Kimberly Helm,
Zach Keller, Kylee Kettering, Michelle McCllellan, Leah Schmidt,
Mason Soft, Cassidy Ulmer.
11th Grade-Grant Brewer, Zachary Dockter, Stephen Gemar, Alex Greger,
Hannah Lawrence, Brady Spiry, Emily Stenberg.
10th Grade-Austin Borah, Stephanie Gemar, Kayleigh Henderson, Bryan Moser.
9th Grade-Taryn Fischer, Tori Fischer, Alexis Frey, Kristina Gonzales, Joey Heil,
Kenny Helm, Mason Keller, Ethan Kettering, Aundrea Kramer, Brandi
Martian, Ronna Moser, Hudson Shillingstad, Chase Schoenhard,
Maranda Wagner.
Regent Scholars-Lauren Brekke, Jacob Fonkert, Kirby Greger, Katie Heil, Kimberly
Helm, Trevor Jerome, Kassidy Keller, Zachary Keller, Kylee Kettering,
Michelle McClellan, Dylan Mickelson, Cassidy Ulmer.
Scholastic Awards-Four Years: Kirby Greger.
Three Years-Trevor Jerome.
Two Years-Stephanie Gemar.
One Year-Zachary Dockter, Eric Looyenga, Kayleigh Henderson,
Alexis Frey, Lexy While.
Honor Roll (first three quarters):
9th Grade: 3.00-3.49-Justin Nobles, Reece Wientjes, Tori Fischer, Taryn Fischer,
Chase Schoenhard, Haley Filler.
3.50-3.99-Joey Heil, David Jensen, Chelsey Hoffman, Kristina
Gonzales, Tanner Jerome, Aundrea Kramer,
Brandi Martian, Abigail Fred, Preston Frederick,
MaKayla Hardcastle, Maranda Wagner, Miranda Eisemann
Emily Armfield, Mason Keller, Margaret Bieber.
4.00-Alexis Frey, Lexy While.
10th Grade: 3.00-3.49-Jordan Feist, Kyle Dillman, Ashton Wiederholt, Lukas
Schwieters, Karen Gabe, Mary Martin.
3.50-3.99-Ellie Rabenberg, Allie Bonn, Austin Borah, Tyler
Villbrandt, Shawna Madison.
4.00-Stephanie Gemar, Eric Looyenga, Kayleigh Henderson.
11th Grade: 3.00-3.49-Callie Slater, Jenna Peterson, Sarah Lawrence
3.50-3.99-Alex Greger, Stephen Gemar, Grant Brewer, Whitney
Stroeder, Ariel Bieber, Kyle Dembek, Daniel Hintz.
4.00- Zachary Dockter.
12th Grade: 3.00-3.49-Kayla Fred, Zach Keller, Kristyn Fischer, Collin Jensen,
DJ Titus, Lindsay Neumiller, Mason Soft.
3.50-3.99-Kimberly Helm, Cassidy Ulmer, Jacob Fonkert, Dylan
Mickelson, Kassidy Keller, Kylee Kettering, Lauren
Brekke, Katie Heil, Michelle McClellan, Kasandra Swift,
Leah Schmidt.
4.00-Kirby Greger, Trevor Jerome

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