JAY DAVIS: Walleyes weren’t big this year, but there were a lot of them


While the walleye were not like the football-sized fish the anglers were catching last year, they were sure catching a lot of little ones during the Denny Palmer Walleye Classic on Saturday.

This year’s catch was not nearly as big as last year’s, but the action on the water was nonstop for most of the boats. Nearly everyone I talked to at the weigh-ins caught fish after fish all day long.

Mobridge anglers Kurt Neumiller, Mike Mardian and Mark Imberi should have stayed out on Lake Oahe a little longer to try and get one more big fish, but the aggressive little ones had eaten all their bait so they came to shore and happily accepted 13th place.

That’s the kind of day it was for most anglers. “We musta caught 200 fish,” and “Look how cut up my hands are,” were the most popular lines I heard from the crowd, even ahead of, “Man I need a beer.”

Just because the average walleye is a little less than the ones caught last year, 2011 was an extreme exception to the rule. The anglers weren’t catching seven and eight-pounders, but they were catching strong, healthy fish.

There is a difference though. The teams that split first place with 16.31 pounds would have tied for 14th last year. While 419 walleye were weighed in Saturday as compared to 383 last year, the 2012 total weight of 710 pounds was far less than 2011’s 924 pounds. Per walleye the average weight last year as 2.4 pounds as to 1.7 pounds this year.

Each year class is a little different and this year’s June class is smaller than that of last year. But don’t forget, we had a totally different spring this year. The entire walleye cycle has changed. Just wait for a while and the 10-pounders will get hungry again.

Cardinals update: Again there isn’t one. The amateur baseball team is having a hard time getting the season going. Sunday’s game was postponed in Britton so now the Cards are looking to finally get to play baseball in Aberdeen on Friday. The home opener has not changed. That is still a double header with Northville at Legion Memorial Field on June 26 with first pitch slated for 7 p.m.


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