Walleye tournament ends in dead heat


By Jay Davis

The second running of the Denny Palmer Memorial Classic Walleye Tournament featured a first as two teams tied for first place.

The winners were a team of locals and some far travelers. Mel and Jesse Brewer and Jeff Bonn of Mobridge brought home 16.31 pounds of walleyes as did the Nebraska team of Steve Hopp, Mike Johnson and Adam Hickman. With the first and second-place purses split, each team collected a check for $2,230. Each team had good-sized walleye to help their weight. The locals had a 4.76-pound walleye. The Nebraskans big fish was 4.67 pounds.

Eighty-one teams were on the water Saturday, competing for more than $15,000 in cash and prizes, and a chance at a guaranteed spot in the 2013 Mobridge Chamber Tourism Ice Fishing Tourney. The top five teams each won guaranteed berth (those not coming in January forfeited and the automatic qualifications continued down the list of placing teams).

A handful of locals teams and local anglers who fished with visitors had successful tournaments.

Gary Beck, Brent Reilley and Allen Berens of the Selby Area took fourth place with 14.94 pounds. Reilley won the cash and prized for the biggest walleye, a 5.83 pounder.

Lyle Dickhaut and Greg Merkel of Mobridge teamed with Tom Kraft of Black Hawk for fifth place at 14.39 pounds.

Bryan Zahn of Mobridge fished with family as he, Wade Zahn and Tanner Zahn took take 10th place with 13.29 pounds.

Gary Farhni of Selby teamed with Bob Farhni and Tom Gorhring for 11th with 13.27 pounds.

Jack Hagen of Mobridge, along with Dan Davis and Dean Hagen caught 13.26 pounds for 12th.

Mobridge anglers Kurt Neumiller, Mike Mardian and Mark Imberi were 13th with 13.1 pounds.

Locals Clayton Anderberg, Tigh Anderberg and Mike Mitchell tabbed 17th with 12.29 pounds.

Jordan Nehls of the Bridge City and teammates Terry Fuchs and T.J. Murphy claimed 20th with 11.91 pounds.

Terry Backhaus of Glenham and Steve Gasser of Mobridge took 22nd with 11.59 pounds.

The 81 teams combined to bring 419 walleyes to the weigh station with a total weight of 710.74 pounds.

While the walleyes were smaller than last year’s football-like crop, most anglers had plenty success. Some boats returned to dock reporting that they went through as many as 100 to 200 fish, but few had success catching anything that neared the Proud Angler size.

Denny Palmer Memorial Classic

Top 25: 1. (tie) Mel Brewer, Jesse Brewer, Jeff Bonn, Mobridge, 16.31; Steve Hopp, Mike Johnson, Adam Hickman, Alliance, Neb., 16.31; 3. Shawn Cherney, Brian Wenke, 15.15, Mandan, N.D.; 4. Gary Beck, Brent Reilley, Allen Berens, Selby, 14.94; 5. Lyle Dickhaut, Tom Kraft, Greg Merkel, Mobridge, 14.39; 6. Patrick Flanery, Chad Wittich, Larry Papke, Lake City, 13.84; 7. Jeff Gottbreht, Bob Gottbreht, George Gottbreht, Lincoln, Neb., 13.75; 8. Dalyn McCann, Dale Denzin,  Buffalo, 13.72; 9. Daryl Fuhrman, Larry Schmit, Kerry Wilson, Aberdeen, 13.37; 10. Bryan Zahn, Wade Zahn, Tanner Zahn, Mobridge, 13.29; 11. Bob Fahrni, Tom Gorhring, Gary Fahrni, Aberdeen, 13.27; 12. Dan Davis, Dean Hagen, Jack Hagen, Aberdeen, 13.26;

13. Kurt Neumiller, Mike Mardian, Mark Imberi, Mobridge, 13.10; 14. Conner Hanson, Brad Labounty, Chris Kassube, Groton, 12.99; 15. Michelle Schipper, Brad Schipper, Sioux Falls, 12.91; 16. Mark Osterloh, Brian Peery, Jade Ulmer, Watertown, 12.35; 17. Clayton Anderberg, Tigh Anderberg, Mike Mitchell, Mobridge, 12.29; 18. James Scarlett, Greg Nehlich, Dave Mammenga, Aberdeen, 12.15; 19. Grant Gilchrist, Jason Hanson, Jennifer Fuhrman, Columbia, 11.95; 20. Terry Fuchs, T.J. Murphy, Jordan Nehls, Mandan, N.D. 11.91; 21. Jeff Mistelski, Ryan Mistelski, Bismarck, 11.67; 22. Terry Backhaus, Steve Gasser, Glenham, 11.59; 23. Paul Woodley, Mike Woodley, Ft. Collins, Colo., 10.81; 24. Mark Van Dover, Wyatt Wilson, Larry Huettl, Westport, 10.63; 25. Blake Anderson, Ron Anderson, Groton, 10.62.

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