Representative explains GOED programs


By Peg Wunder

Joe Fiola of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development met with Rotarians on Monday, June 11, to briefly report on several of the programs run through his office.  Joe has only been with the state job for a very short time.  He was the Economic Development Coordinator in Miller for 16 years doing the same type of work as Christine Goldsmith does here in Mobridge.  His territory is the northeast part of the state which covers 17 counties.  He also covers Hand County.  There are 148 towns in the territory and he will be visiting each of those communities.  He emphasized that if we need him here in Mobridge, he can come.  His office works to help businesses grow so they can employ more people. Some of the things his office can do is to assist in packaging financing and helping with training costs on a 50/50 share with the state.

He talked about the Dakota Roots Program which works at getting in touch with people who grew up in the state or in a particular community encouraging them to move back.

Joe also explained the South Dakota Win Program that is trying to increase the number of people in training to fill jobs that seem to have a shortage.  After 30 days if the job has not been filled it is turned over to a recruiting firm.  The state splits the cost of the recruitment fee with the owner.

Chairman Mark Dady introduced guests who were Tom Mack, son of Stan Mack, who is a Modern Woodman Agent; Richard Nultemeier who was Joe Stout’s guest; and Joe Fiola.

Mark McClellan reported that the building at Tiger Stadium, the bleachers and bathrooms at the American Legion Park came through the storm in fine shape.  It was remarked that none of the buildings sustained any damage because of the superior workmanship by Rotarians in building those structures.

There was brief discussion about the extensive damage to the dining room and bar area of the Moose (Rotary met in the large room that is commonly used for dancing.)  Many of the ceiling tiles have been removed; insulation had to be removed and the brand new carpeting had to be removed because of water damage.

John Rothstein has not returned from his vacation so we await his report as to what repairs need to be made to the Fourth of July Float that we share with the American Legion.

Dennis Schnabel was present to win the 50/50 drawing.  Dawn Konold will be in charge of the program next week when Rotary meets at noon at the Moose Club.

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