New Hope helps area cancer patients


By Peg Wunder

Dawn Konold updated Rotarians on the New Hope Cancer Foundation and the Tourism Committee when she presented her program on Monday, June 18.
Dawn is very proud of what New Hope has done in a short time.  The organization has helped 65 people in the last year and each has received cash to help with their expenses as they battle cancer.  This program is open to people in Dewey, Corson, Campbell and Walworth counties.  She said that she thinks of it as her baby and that it makes her feel so good when people call and ask if the organization can help.
New Hope will not be having a walk as there will be a Relay for Life Walk this year but there are a number of fundraisers planned by New Hope.  There will be a brand new Kamikaze Event at the Sitting Bull Stampede this year.  Eight Mobridge Rodeo Association members have agreed to have their photos on jars in several business places.  They are Randy Runnels, Jesse Konold, Rick Bolduan, Pat Thorstenson, Michele Harrison, Bruce Brekke, Casey Perman and Jamie Dietterle. The four who raise the most money will compete during the rodeo riding on a cowhide.  Dawn says the four losers will get to perform more unpleasant jobs.  She suggested these eight might want to make donations to their own jars to insure they are one of the winners.  New Hope will also be involved with the Tough Enough to Wear Pink t-shirts campaign. A land poker run is planned along with Rockin’ on the River.  Donkey basketball was a very popular event and is planned again this year, as is the Mystery Theatre, which will be held in March.
Dawn briefly talked about the Tourism Committee and their plans for this year.  There were 84 teams who participated in the 2nd Annual Denny Palmer Fishing Tournament last weekend.  They have bought a trailer to store the tent in and to use when they travel.  It will be a moving billboard advertising Mobridge.  There are plans for several new things at the January 12, 2013 ice fishing tournament.  There will be booths for vendors offering fishing equipment for sale and a public forum with one or more speakers.
The Fourth of July float was discussed.  John Rothstein said that it was in good shape and did not need any repairs.  Jan Sayler will ask the boys state and girls state representatives to ride the float.  Drivers are needed to pull the float for both parades.
John Badgley reported that he needs two to four more workers for the Eureka celebration on July 7.   Volunteers should call John.  The Ambassadors will be serving the evening meal and should report to the tent on Main Street in Eureka at 4 p.m.
Teresa Brockel was not present to claim the 50/50 pot.  Jesse Konold will present the program next Monday when Rotary meets at noon at the Moose Club.

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