KATIE ZERR: Mobridge continues to change with time


Anyone who was born and raised in Mobridge, left to pursue their dreams and returned to their hometown, can see that a lot has changed in this community.

Those who have lived here all of their lives don’t have that opportunity and can be heard to say, “nothing ever changes here.”

It is sad to think that some live in such a confined box that they cannot see that there is constant change here.

As a person who lived away from Mobridge for many years, I have experienced this phenomena first hand. Many times the comments like “same old stuff, different day,” are meant to be casual and off-hand, but many times residents make negative comments that make an impact on those that hear them.

Visitors who are standing in line at the grocery store or waiting to pay for their gas hear the conversation that is all around them. Imagine if they are thinking what a great community they have experienced and then hear a group of locals tearing it down.

No criticism of voicing an opinion is intended here. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion and to voice that opinion, but not everyone’s opinion is based on fact.

Things do change in Mobridge and if the locals would really open their eyes as they cruise the town looking for where the police vehicle is parked, they might realize just how much our community has changed.

A prime example of what has changed in the past five years can be seen at the Mobridge-Pollock School complex on north Main Street. The constant work and change that has occurred in recent years shows that the majority of the people in our community understand the importance of developing an education system to meet the changing needs of today’s students.

Visitors will see that we understand how important the school system is to those looking to relocate here. We know that first impressions are so important to parents. Our schools are impressive. Our teachers are strong and our curriculum is ever evolving.

A drive down Grand Crossing shows new, impressive buildings and new businesses in old buildings. Some are still empty, but in a time when some rural towns have little or no commerce, Mobridge has stayed strong in that area.

Main Street will experience a big change in the coming months as the railroad crossing will finally be completed and the long-awaited addition to the A.H. Brown Library will anchor the other end of our business district.

There are so many other changes that have occurred in recent years and if some members of our local community would step outside of their little, protective boxes, their eyes may be opened.

We in Mobridge are lucky to live here. It is one of the best places in the state for access to the outdoor lifestyle. Lake Oahe is phenomenal and there are great parks for the kids, a scenic walking and running trail, an aging but functional swimming pool and so many more amenities, including access to top-notch medical care, that most towns our size just don’t have.

Those of us who have lived other places, experienced the restrictions of living in the city or paying higher taxes or a higher cost of living, can appreciate more of what small town life has to offer.

We have our problems as do all communities, but basically Mobridge is a great place to live and raise a family. If we continue to move forward and change as needed, that will continue to be true.

To those who are visiting home during the Fourth of July or those who may be visiting for the first time, welcome to one of best kept secrets in South Dakota.

There are so many people here who have great pride in their hometown and strive to make it better everyday.

We appreciate all of our visitors and hope you enjoy everything our community has to offer.

– Katie Zerr –

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