KATIE ZERR: Roberts knew just what he was doing


With the Democrats claiming a victory and conservatives labeling Chief Justice John Roberts a traitor, the Supreme Court’s Thursday decision that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional seemed like a good day for the Obama Administration.

But that began to unravel as the days since the decision came down have passed.

Conservatives vilified Roberts for the decision, cursing him for taking the liberal side of the argument. Instead, maybe they should be hailing him as their hero.

In his decision, Roberts said the individual mandate is a tax-the dreaded T-word.

Now the law, which was unpopular with the public from the beginning, has been shrouded with the black hood of higher taxes.

When the law was introduced the president made it clear it would not raise taxes. Now that it is labeled a tax, that once again makes Obama out to be liar. That is a clear win for the Republicans.

Maybe John Roberts knew exactly what he was doing by allowing the law to stand.  Republicans have gotten a gift from the chief justice and they are beginning to run with it.

One way or the other, with the passage of this law, the Republicans have benefitted.

With the incredibly negative media blitz concerning the law, although much of what was being said was false, they will benefit in the next election.

Some media outlets had Americans so worried about death panels and the collapse of the entire health system that they elected representatives that know nothing about making law, but vowed to repeal the healthcare bill.

Now we are saddled with members who bring nothing to the table except opposition. There is no exchange of ideas or solutions. There has been nothing but disagreement and discourse on the Hill that has had this Congress in a childish stalemate for the past two years. Nothing is getting accomplished.

If the law is not good for this country, the backlash has been worse.

Instead of reforming the flaws in the law, the yelling for repeal has drowned out any chance of compromise.

It is a flawed law that will eventually come back to bite the president. The law will not do what it is supposed to, which was to provide care at an affordable and sustainable cost.

He allowed too many provisions that do not benefit the majority of Americans. He gave the insurance companies power in the bill with the promise of many new customers and billions of tax dollars.

It does not included needed safeguards to curb abuse by the insurance companies. There is nothing in the provisions to keep insurance companies from raising their premiums. And that is exactly what they will do if the law requirements begin to cut into their profit margin.

There will be a great backlash when costs begin to rise even faster than the current rate.

If deductibles and co-pays begin to rise and the uninsured choose to pay the penalty instead of buying insurance, we all will pay more. That means those who are insured will not be able to afford insurance that they now can afford. Others will not use it because they cannot afford to pay higher co-pays and deductibles.

Employers will stop offering insurance because they cannot afford it and more people will be without insurance.

There will be states that will chose to opt out of certain provisions of the law and the bureaucracy of management of the law will grow to gargantuan proportions.

This will eat funding and that means there will be less for reimbursements to hospitals and health care facilities.

The weaknesses in this law will be the death of it. So John Roberts may be a traitor in the eyes of some conservatives, but he might just be man that allows the law to collapse on its own without the help of the Supreme Court.

He is sly like a fox, that John Roberts.

– Katie Zerr –

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