Redfield Dairy Queen sweeps Cards during double header on Sunday


Redfield Dairy Queen took the Mobridge Cardinals for two games in a double header on Sunday. DQ won the first game with a score of 3-2 and shut out the Cardinals in the second game with a score of 6-0.
After Sundays doubleheader the Cardinals are 1-13, but Shortstop Ryan Hoffman said this season has been more about building a team than winning games.
“This is the first year we’ve had an amateur team since 2008 and some of these guys haven’t played baseball since Teeners,” said Hoffman.
Characteristically this season the Cardinals have performed well, staying head-to-head well into late innings of the game only to see their gains erased by big plays as their opponents rack up a series of runs. Cardinal Justin Kappes said that’s just the nature of baseball.
“This season we’ve been playing really good ball,” said Kappes “But we haven’t been taking advantage of our situation when we need to. We’ve had a few games where the other team has been able to string together a couple hits for some runs and beat us that way.”
The Cardinals held DQ to three runs, all scored in the bottom of the fourth inning. In game two, DQ batted in five of six runs in the fifth inning after five scoreless innings. Two weeks ago, against Northville, Mobridge held onto a four run lead until Northville rallied in the sixth to tie the score and drove in four more runs the next inning to take the win.
Kappes said DQ is a good team, among the best in the state, and benefitted from one good inning each game in the double header. He said all season, turning hits into runs has been difficult for Mobridge.The Cardinals had the bases loaded in the top of the seventh, but left two runners stranded.
Kappes said building their young team of players is the main goal this season. “We weren’t expecting a perfect season,” said Kappes.  “We’re focused on building the team and having fun right now.”
On Sunday, the Cardinals had more problems than a young team. Stellar DQ pitching did not work in their favor. The Cardinals lined up against Luke Holt, who after this Sunday, improved his record to 4-0.
“[Holt] was a tricky lefty and nobody could figure him out that game,” said Cardinals shortstop Ryan Hoffman.
Holt gave up only one hit in game two and sat down nine batters, Mobridge’s Greg Heyne had the lone hit for the Cardinals.
Jesse Brown pitched the first game for the Cardinals striking out two and giving up eight hits. Justin Kappes pitched the second giving up one hit and two runs before passing the mound to Jade Bartell.
-Stuart Hughes-

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