Garrett, Dorsey, Murray win Timber Lake titles


When it came time to earn some of the more than $24,000 in prize money at the Days of 1910 Rodeo in Timber Lake on Saturday and Sunday, the local cowboys and cowgirls did more than their share of keeping the money with the nearby economies.
Shorty Garrett of Dupree took home the biggest check of the rodeo. He earned a healthy $826 for winning the bull riding title. Garrett rode to a score of 86 to win the championship. Three more riders busted out rides of more than 80 points. Clay Hindman of Pierre registered an 83 for second place. Hometown cowboy Andrew Coughlin kept $610 in Timber Lake by taking third with an 82-point ride. Zach Scofield of Belle Fourche finished fourth with 81 points. The Smith brothers of Litchville, N.D., Tate and Tyral, tied for fifth with each riding to 78 points and each pocketing $341.
Deon Dorsey of Isabel used a 9.3-second run to win the calf roping and earn $585. Dorsey was nearly a second faster than runner-up Jace Melvin of Ft. Pierre who lassoed his calf in 10.1 seconds. Two more area cowboys got in the money. Jesse Clement of Ridgeview took third at 10.6 seconds and collected $383. Doug Lawrence of Timber Lake sneaked into sixth place where his time of 12.6 seconds was worth $101.
Jacque Murray of Isabel split the top spot in ladies breakaway roping with Lacey Tech of Fairfax. Both cowgirls ripped off a time of 2.5 seconds with each taking home $805. A pair of local cowgirls shared fifth place. Corey Hart of Mobridge and Kari Jo Lawrence of Timber Lake used 3.2-second runs to collect $243 each.
Shanna Anderson of Eagle Butte tore to second place in barrel racing. Anderson hit the finish line in 17.34 seconds and made $484. Crystal Hershey of Newcastle, Wyo., blew everyone away with a first-place time of 16.72 seconds and picked up $585 for the title.
Three sets of team ropers worked their ways into the money, following event winners Jake Nelson of Creighton and Jeff Nelson of Philip. The Nelsons used a winning time of 6.3 seconds to collect $518 each. Don Bettelyoun of Eagle Butte teamed with Jhett Williams of Faith for second place. Their time of 8.9 seconds was good for $429 each. Hometown cowboy Jace Booth and Kelan Gesinger of Eagle Butte took fourth with a time of 13.1 seconds and made $250 each. Jess Woodward of Dupree and Tee Hale of White Owl used a 16.5-second run to take fifth and earn $161 each.
Kash Deal of Dupree rode to fifth place in saddle bronc riding. His 69-point ride was worth $204. Wyatt Kammerer of Philip won the saddle bronc title with a score of 73 and won $657.
Bareback riding and senior men’s breakaway roping were the only events in which a local cowboy did not get in the money.
Dru Wilking of Hartford, who leads the SDRA by more than $1,200 added to his season purse with a first place 77 and $317, while winning his fifth bareback riding title of the year. Jake McCoy of New Underwood was second.  Lonny Lesmeister of Rapid City and formerly of Eagle Butte was third.
Billy Gallino of Wasta whipped up a 2.2-second run to win senior men’s breakaway roping and take a check for $618. Terry McCutcheon of Brookings was second and Bob Burke of Sundance, Wyo., was third.
The SDRA season will keep busy with the Selby Area Rodeo tonight (Wednesday) and the Isabel Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday. Next week will be huge for the SDRA with the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo, the Bennett County Fair Rodeo and the Scottie Stampede Rodeo.

Days of 1910 Rodeo
Bareback Riding: 1. Dru Wilking, Hartford, 77, $317; 2. Jake McCoy, New Underwood, 71, $264; 3. Lonny Lesmeister, Rapid City, 70, $211; 4. Mark Kenyon, Hayti, 68, $158; 5. Denney Feidler, Philip, 60, $106.
Barrel Racing: 1. Crystal Hershey, Newcastle, Wyo., 16.72, $585; 2. Shanna Anderson, Eagle Butte, 17.34, $484; 3. (tie) Hallie Fulton, Miller, 17.42, $333, D’Ann Gehlsen, Mission, 17.42, $333; 5. Mazee Pauley, Wall, 17.46, $181; 6. Annie Fulton, Miller, 17.49, $101.
Bull Riding: 1. Shorty Garrett, Dupree, 84, $826; 2. Clay Hindman, Pierre, 83, $718; 3. Andrew Coughlin, Timber  Lake, 82, $610; 4. Zach Scofield, Belle Fourche, 81, $503; 5. (tie) Tate Smith, Litchville, N.D., 78, $341, Taryl Smith, Litchville, N.D., 78, $341; 7. Allen Auer, Whitewood, 77, $180; 8. Taylor Cowan, Pierre, 74, $72.
Calf Roping: 1. Deon Dorsey, Isabel, 9.3, $585; 2. Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre, 10.1, $484; 3. Jesse Clement, Ridgeview, 10.6, $383; 4. Troy Wilcox, Red Owl, 10.9, $282; 5. Corey Cronin, Gettysburg, 11.7, $181; 6. Doug Lawrence, Timber Lake, 12.6, $101.
Goat Tying: 1. Kristi Birkeland, Dupree, 7.0, $551; 2. Lacey Tech, Fairfax, 7.1, $456; 3. Kaycee Nelson, Buffalo, 7.5, $361; 4. (tie) Shayna Miller, Faith, 7.7, $177, Hallie Fulton, Miller, 7.7, $177, Jordan Thurston, Gillette, Wyo., 7.7, $177.
Ladies Breakaway Roping: 1. (tie) Jacque Murray, Isabel, 2.5, $805, Jenny Belkham, Blunt, 2.5, $805; 3. Lacey Hewitt, Sheridan, Wyo., 2.7, $636; 4. Carole Hollers, Sturgis, 2.9, $524; 5. Jodi Bubel, Dickinson, N.D., 3.0, $412; 6. (tie) Corey Hart, Mobridge, 3.2, $243, Kari Jo Lawrence, Timber Lake, 3.2, $243; 8. Elizabeth Baker, Box Elder, 3.3, $75.
Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Wyatt Kammerer, Philip, 73, $657; 2. Dalton Rixen, Richardton, N.D., 72, $544; 3. Lane Stirling, Newell, 71, $430; 4. Jay Longbrake, Rapid City, 70, $317; 5. Kash Deal, Dupree, 69, $204; 6. Eric Gewecke, Red Owl, 67, $113.
Senior Men’s Breakaway Roping: 1. Billy Gallino, Wasta, 2.2, $618; 2. Terry McCutcheon, Brookings, 2.4, $511; 3. Bob Burke, Sundance, Wyo., 2.9, $405; 4. Steve Klein, Sioux Falls, 3.0, $298; 5. J.B. Lord, Rapid City, 3.3, $192; 6. Lyle Wilcox, Red Owl, 3.4, $107.
Steer Wrestling: 1. Forest Sainsbury, Camp Crook, 4.0, $635; 2. Troy Wilcox, Red Owl, 4.5, $525; 3. (tie) Tee Burress, Piedmont, 4.6, $361, Taz Olson, Prairie City, 4.6, $361; 5. Tye Hale, Dupree, 4.8, $197; 6. Tee Hale, White Owl, 5.1, $109.
Team Roping: 1. Jake Nelson, Creighton, Jeff Nelson, Philip, 6.3, $518; 2. Don Bettelyoun, Eagle Butte, Jhett Williams, Faith, 8.9, $429; 3. Blake Williams, Piedmont, Lane Livermont, Martin, 11.5, $339; 4. Jace Booth, Timber Lake, Kelan Gesinger, Eagle Butte, 13.1, $250; 5. Jess Woodward, Dupree, Tee Hale, White Owl, 16.5, $161.

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