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100 years ago

August 2 1912

The sewer system is now far enough advanced so that the work of connecting the property of users can be begun. The contract was let early in May for the erection of a steel tank and tower for water supply, which will cost about $7,000.

So great will be the northwest harvest this fall that the railroads operating in this section have stopped nearly all improvement work to build additional trackage in the terminals in order to handled the thousands of cars of grain to be shipped into the terminals this fall.

 90 years ago

August 3, 1922

A carload of baby beef fed out by Walworth Co. breeders in the Selby vicinity topped the South St. Paul market with a run of 16,000 head the 24th of July. The bulk of the carload was fed by Chas. Chesky and Wm. Mickelson. Mr. Chesky fed 12 head and Mr. Mickelson fed 9.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Clayton returned Wednesday from their stay of nearly two weeks at Shakopee, Minn., where Mr. Clayton took the mud baths for his rheumatism.

80 years ago

August 4, 1932

“Days of 1883,” depicting the day of the opening of the Java community when the first of the virgin soil was turned and people faced the future with great hopes and happiness, will be celebrated in Java on Sunday and Monday. The celebration will feature a baseball game Sunday, a colorful parade Monday morning, an open air program, street sports and a rodeo.

H. Wilkinson’s Wolves, leaders in the city kittenball league, went down to defeat for the first time this half of the season at the hands of the Tigers. The game ended with the score ten to twelve.

(Editor’s note): Kittenball is the original name for the game of softball.

70 years ago

August 6, 1942

Miss May Hardcastle, clerk at the Mobridge J.C. Penney store, sold $6,891.90 in War Bonds and Stamps during July and she is expected to rank at or near the top in the bond sale contest underway in Penney stores.

Cletus Clinker, ’31 graduate of Mobridge High School, will succeed Harry Gamage of head football coach South Dakota University in Vermillion.

60 years ago

August 7, 1952

A large four-place swing purchased with funds contributed by the Youth Couples club of the United Congregational Church here has been set up at Molstad Lake, state recreation center, located seven miles east of Mobridge.

Gwen Biersbach qualifies at the perennial women’s golf champion since she copped club’s lady’s crown Monday for the third straight year by defeating Elizabeth Keller.

50 years ago

August 2, 1962

Members of the Mobridge National Guard Unit, the 214th Engineering Company (Dump Truck) will be back in their homes next week, following nearly a year of federal active service at Ft. Polk, La.

(Editor’s Note) The Mobridge unit was called up because of the Berlin Crisis, which resulted in the building of the Berlin Wall.

40 years ago

August 3, 1972

Mrs. Irene Badure and Mrs. Marie Guthmiller appreared the craziest of the crazy Saturday when Mobridge held its annual Crazy Days. For their efforts, the ladies were awarded cash prizes by the Retail Merchants Committee.

Sixty teenagers between the ages of 14 to 17 are involved in the 1972 summer Neighborhood Youth Corps. Forty-five of the youths are from Mobridge and 15 are from McLaughlin.

30 years ago

August 4, 1982

The number of people using Corps of Engineer facilities in June in the Mobridge area were up as much as 737 percent over last year. According to Corps traffic count figures, 3,333 people used the Thomas Bay area compared to only 398 last June. Indian Creek had an increase of 140 percent. Indian Memorial had an increase of 187 percent.

Bill Scherr, University of Nebraska sophomore from Mobridge, has been chosen athlete of the year for 1982 by the United States Wrestling Federation.

20 years ago

August 5, 1992

You might have to be fast if you want a glimpse of sunshine around here. Mobridge received 1.43 inches of rain yesterday. The chance of thunderstorms continues through Friday and Saturday.

10 years ago

Aug. 7, 2002

The days of Lewis and Clark are returning with a rush as Mobridge “rediscovers” its past for three days at the Lewis & Clark Festival. Planned are a buffalo fee, presentations, a tipi setup demonstration, games of the past, including stick horse races, horseshoe games, sack races, apple bobbing, and much more.



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