Lone riders earn rode’s top prizes


By Jay Davis

The Selby Area Rodeo is the only midweek affair on the entire SDRA tour, which makes it fitting that a pair of cowboys who were the “only” successful riders in their events, took home the two biggest paychecks of the rodeo, held last Wednesday evening in Selby.
K.C. Longbrake of Eagle Butte took advantage of his seven competitors all failing to hang on for an eight-second ride to win $1,067 in saddle bronc riding. Longbrake’s winning ride registered a score of 77.
Clay Hindman of Pierre was the only one of nine bull riders to make it through a complete ride and earned the rodeo’s biggest check as a reward. Hindman rode to a score 84 and took home a hefty $1,115.
Colbee Mohr of Timber Lake was faster then 20 barrel racers to win the title. Mohr hit the finish line in 13.75 seconds and picked up $408. Kailee Webb of Isabel raced to a fourth-place time of 13.97 seconds and earned $197.
Jesse Clement of Ridgeview won the calf roping with a time of 11.6 seconds and nabbed $436. Wyatt Treeby of Hecla was second, followed by Trey Young of Dupree. Young used a time of 12.8 seconds to collect $286.
Chelsey Kelly of Dupree tied with Justinn Marshall of Saco, Mont., for first place in goat tying. The co-champs had matching times of 6.8 seconds, which turned into a pair of checks for $283. Krystal Marone of Isabel split third place with Tarin Hupp of Huron. The cowgirls went 7.2 seconds and collected $172 each.
Kristen Lawrence of Mobridge via Promise looped her calf in 3.9 seconds to take third in ladies breakaway roping. Lawrence took home $332 for her effort. Katie Lensegrav of Interior won the event with a time of 3.0 seconds and earned $506.
Jace Booth of Timber Lake and Kelan Gesinger of Eagle Butte used a time of 6.1 seconds to tie with Tyrell Moody of Letcher and Matt Zancanella of Aurora for second in team roping. The good time was worth $302 for each cowboy. J.B. and Levi Lord used a time of 5.6 seconds to win the title and collect $408 each. Don Bettelyoun of Eagle Butte and Jhett Williams of Faith took fourth where a time of 6.7 seconds paid two checks of $197.
Gary Simon of Timber Lake and Doug Young of Dupree earned cash in senior men’s team roping. Simon took third with a time of 3.4 seconds to pick up $286. Young was right behind in fourth with a time of 3.5 seconds and earned $210.
SDRA leader Dru Wilking added to his season total in bareback riding. Wilking won the title with a 70, collecting $494.
Reed Petersek of Colome won the steer wrestling. Petersek stuck his steer in 4.6 seconds and earned $380.
The Selby Area Rodeo paid out more than $14,000 in prize money.

Selby Area Rodeo
Bareback Riding (3 entries): 1. Dru Wilking, Hartford, 70, $494; 2. Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre, 61, $330.
Barrel Racing (21 entries): 1. Colbee Mohr, Timber Lake, 13.75, $408; 2. Whitney Knippling, Chamberlain, 13.77, $338; 3. Kristi Steffes, Vale, 13.90, $267; 4. Kailee Webb, Isabel, 13.97, $197; 5. Cally Thomas, Harrold, 14.00, $127; 6. Mazee Pauley, Wall, 14.01, $70.
Bull Riding (9 entries): 1. Clay Hindman, Pierre, 84, $1,115.
Calf Roping (23 entries): 1. Jesse Clement, Ridgeview, 11.6, $436; 2. Wyatt Treeby, Hecla, 12.0, $361; 3. Trey Young, Dupree, 12.8, $286; 4. Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre, 12.9, $210; 5. (tie) Colton Musick, Pierre, 13.1, $105, Brent Belkham, Blunt, 13.1, $105.
Goat Tying (14 entries): 1. (tie) Chelsy Kelly, Dupree, 6.8, $283, Justinn Marshall, Saco, Mont., 6.8, $283; 3. (tie) Krystal Marone, Isabel, 7.2, $176, Tarin Hupp, Huron, 7.2, $176; 5. (tie) Hallie Fulton, Miller, 7.4, $75, Lexy Williams, Hettinger, N.D., 7.4, $75.
Ladies Breakaway Roping (22 entries): 1. Katie Lensegrav, Interior, 3.0, $506; 2. Hallie Fulton, Miller, 3.6, $419; 3. Kristen Lawrence, Mobridge, 3.9, $332; 4. Kristi Steffes, Vale, 4.1, $244; 5. Allie Simons, Aberdeen, 4.5, $157; 6. Whitney Knippling, Chamberlain, 12.4, $87.
Saddle Bronc Riding (8 entries): 1. K.C. Longbrake, Eagle Butte, 77, $1,067.
Senior Men’s Breakaway Roping (23 entries): 1. John Dean, Platte, 2.4, $436; 2. Lennis Fagerhaug, Wessington Springs, 2.9, $361; 3. Gary Simon, Timber Lake, 3.4, $286; 4. Doug Young, Dupree, 3.5, $210; 5. Delbert Cobb, Red Owl, 3.8, $135; 6. Harold Gerdes, Hecla, 4.1, $75.
Steer Wrestling (19 entries): 1. Reed Petersek, Colome, 4.6, $380; 2. Brett Wilcox, Red Owl, 4.8, $314; 3. Blake Williams, Piedmont, 5.0, $249; 4. (tie) Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre, 5.1, $151, Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre, 5.1, $151; 6. (tie) Brock Williams, Faith, 5.3, $33, Troy Wilcox, Red Owl, 5.3, $33.
Team Roping (25 teams): 1. J.B. Lord, Levi Lord, Rapid City, 5.6, $408; 2. (tie) Jace Booth, Timber Lake, Kelan Gesinger, Eagle Butte, 6.1, $302, Tyrell Moody, Letcher, Matt Zancanella, Aurora, 6.1, $302; 4. Don Bettelyoun, Eagle Butte, Jhett Williams, Faith, 6.3, $197; 5. Cole Morgan, Jess Morgan, Ada, Okla., 6.6, $127; 6. Rex Treeby, Wyatt Treeby, Hecla, 7.1, $70.

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