School Board approves resignations, QZAB


In a special session called Wednesday, Aug. 1, the Mobridge-Pollock school board convened to address bids on the remodeling and renovation of the high school building, financing of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB,) and personnel matters.
In reviewing renovation bids that were opened July 19, the school board accepted as presented five bids for construction. Bidding for general construction was awarded to North Central Steel at a cost of $143,592. Ventilation and climate control work was bid to Mobridge Climate Control at a cost of $19,900. Electrical work was bid out to Quenzer Electric for a total of $45,250, concrete work was awarded to Tellinghuisen at a cost of $58,000 and painting was bid out to Carlson Painting at a cost of $4,326.
Total expenditure for the renovation is expected to cost the school district between $258,000 and $266,742, not including plumbing. No bidding for plumbing was turned in to the school district for consideration.
The renovation will be paid for largely by the sale of QZAB bonds. QZAB is a federal bond program allocated to schools who meet a certain set of qualifications, including a 35 percent or greater margin of the student body utilizing free or reduced lunch programs. QZAB bonds allow school districts like Mobridge-Pollock to access funds at low, or no interest rates. The school district must then secure at least 10 percent of the proposed project from private investments. The lenders receive tax credits in lieu of payments from the school on their investment.
The school board will issue 20-year bonds at a cost of $16,000. The bonds will have a principle value of $865,759 with a five percent yield to investors and will mature at a .87 percent interest rate. The bonds will be worth $1,731,759 at the date of their maturity and the district will pay roughly $86,600 each year in interest, which includes yearly payments of $43,300 into a sinking fund. This will allow the district to stay liquid and pay off debt as much as three years in advance saving the school district as much as $65,000 over 20 years.
In a private, executive session, the school board also accepted the resignations of Principle Chris Bohlander and para professional Theresa Gasser. The district also hired Jody Kludt at a salary of $35,659. Kludt will serve as the kindergarten through eighth grad dean of students. Winter Lind was hired as a para professional, she will be receive compensation at $12.50 per hour. Michael Gant was hired to act as a custodian for the district at an hourly rate of $9.50 per hour. Gant’s pay will be increased to $10.50 per hour upon completion of his Commercial Drivers License.
The district is currently searching for individuals to fill the High School principal, Middle School special education instructor, para professional and early childhood instructor positions.
Bohlander is a 1993 graduate of Mobridge-Pollock high school. His tenure as principle lasted two years.
Superintendent Tim Frederickson said Bohlander resigned due to private, family matters and declined to comment further stating the issue was a personnel matter within the district. Discussion of Bohlanders resignation was conducted in a private executive session not open to the public or press.
“This resignation is a private matter.” Said Frederickson. “We have here a young man who decided to go home to work on his families ranch.”
-Stuart Hughes-

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