Frushers moving on after 25 years in vet business


By Sandy Bond

From Red Angus to reindeer, llamas to Labradoodles, as owners of a small town veterinary clinic, Dr. Steve and Margaret Frusher of Selby Veterinary, have, seemingly, seen it all.
And after serving four decades of caring for animals large and small which have included many pre-dawn emergency calls to do C-sections, pulling a calf during a Dakota spring blizzard, or just being there as pet parents have made the agonizing decision to terminate the life of a beloved pet who may have lost the quality of life, Steve and Margaret have chosen to embrace another juncture in life’s journey.
“Nobody’s ill,” Steve reiterated, although, he conceded, his back feels better not working!
Their immediate plans are to remain in their community as Steve serves as director of the cattle program at Sunshine Bible Academy. Located in Hand County, 13 miles south of Miller, Sunshine Bible is a private, boarding Christian High School.
“The cattle program helps in fundraising efforts, which ultimately allows the school to operate and provides scholarships for young people who might have difficulty paying the tuition,” Steve said.  “No child is turned away because of lack of finances,”
He is also considering mission work in a third-world country with Christian Veterinary Missions.
“In 1982 Margaret and I and our two eldest children, Jean and Vance traveled to Haiti for four weeks, as short-term missionaries,” said Steve, “We left our youngest daughter Stephanie with grandparents as she was one year-old.”
“Vance and Jean learned that many people of the world did not enjoy the quality of life that many in this country take for granted,” Margaret said.
Steve was the eldest of four boys born to Margery and Bill Frusher and was raised on a cattle farm in Ness City, Kan. Their dad passed away at an early age, leaving their mom and a bachelor uncle to keep the operation afloat while the kids were growing up.
Passionate about history, but with agriculture in his blood, after Steve graduated from Ness City High School in 1963, he began his prerequisite studies at Emporia State Teachers College at Emporia, Kan. He later changed his major to biology and pre-vet studies at Kansas State University and graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1970.
The youngest child of Keith and Marie Macy, Margaret and her brother and sister grew up in Miltonvale, Ks., and graduated from Miltonvale Wesleyan High School. Fortunate to have had a great mathematics teacher as her mentor, Margaret enrolled at Kansas State University with an eye toward sharing her gift with others.  While working at the college placement bureau, a good friend introduced Steve and Margaret to each other on a blind date, certain that they would be just right for each other. Nine months later they were married.
The family opened their own veterinary clinic in Miltonville, Kan. After a few years, they moved to Shelby, Neb., where Steve served as veterinarian at a feedlot. Craving the diversity that he was comfortable with in a small town clinic, they moved to Salem, S.D. and practiced for nine years. Later they moved to Broken Bow, Neb., and bought a clinic when the farm crisis hit.
Hearing that Dr. P.M. Salem needed a veterinarian at the Salem Veterinary Clinic in Mobridge, the family moved to Mobridge until Dr. Salem sold the clinic in January 1987.
At that time, the family moved to Selby and started a practice in a building on Main Street. In 1992, they renovated an old creamery located just down the street, gutting it down to the brick walls. Dr. Tami Anderson worked at the clinic after graduating from vet school and working there from 2000 to 2004, before she opened her own clinic in Bowdle.
As they have made their decision to leave after 25 years, they’re heartened that Dr. Pat Prusha and the staff of Oahe Veterinary in Mobridge will keep the clinic running.
“There is a need in this area,” Steve said, “and we would like to thank the people of this area for their loyal support and patronage.”

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