JAY DAVIS: Sandusky aftermath leaves former Penn State players winless


Everything that happened at Penn State University is a tragedy. Jerry Sandusky is a disgusting human being and those who covered up his transgressions deserve everything they have gotten, and probably more.

With that being said, I am on the side of the ex-Nittany Lions players who are petitioning the NCAA to get back the wins from the 14 years of wins that were vacated. First of all, taking away wins, taking an eraser and rubbing out history, never works in my books. Coach Joe Paterno and numerous other leaders made a lot of mistakes in covering up Sandusky’s crimes, but the hundreds of players who put their helmets on and played their hearts out for Penn State should not be penalized for the mistakes of others. Young man after young man after young man poured his heart and soul into his college football career.

Somewhere in the recesses of their understanding, the decision makers at the NCAA must truly believe that taking away 14 years of Joe Paterno wins helps ease the pain of the ones that Sandusky abused. They are completely wrong on that part. If there is one abuse victim that got one iota of satisfaction when the vanquished wins were announced, I would be quite surprised.

Even though the goal was to make sure Paterno’s name would be erased from the record books as the all-time wins leader, the NCAA did only one thing by taking 14 years of wins away. They punished a whole lot of people who were as innocent in this thing as you and I. None of these young men deserved to have their accomplishments taken away because of the misdeeds of their higher-ups.

The NCAA did a lot of things the right way during this sad time. They worked hard to make amends for a lot of evils. Giving the players credit for what they did during that time would be a little way to stack one more right on top of all the old wrongs.

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