TEF to fund scholarships

By Macel Monthye
Board members voted to award up to 10 $1,000 scholarships this spring when the Tiger Educational Foundation (TEF) met Monday, Jan. 9, at Grace Fellowship Hall of the United Congregational Church.

Further information will be forthcoming for Mobridge-Pollock graduating seniors who are interested in applying for a scholarship from the foundation.

The board voted by consensus to print a 2012 Tiger Tracks newsletter. They have been updating alumni addresses with the volunteer assistance of Barb Opie. One hundred seven new addresses and corrections have been found so far. There are 62 addresses left to check. During the process, the names of 36 deceased alumni were moved from the mailing list.

Laurie Bauer presented the treasurer’s report. The checking account has a balance of $7,876.52, the Paypal account is at $100.25, and the investment account is $43,234.71 for a total of $51,211.48. Membership in the South Dakota Community Fund (SDCF) is at $144,869.94, as of Dec. 1, 2011.

The Tiger Educational Foundation will order a new corporate seal to replace the “Mobridge Educational Foundation 1990” seal.

Bauer is handling the additions and editing of the Gift Acceptance Policy and final approval will be made at the next meeting.

The TEF recognizes the increased optimism demonstrated in educational approaches by M-P instructors over the past few years. Students are presented with inspirational opportunities that challenge them in the classroom, as well as in community and state activities. In order to provide additional grants to support such endeavors, Travis Svihovec and Doug Heil, assisted by the other TEF directors, will chair a fund raiser to be held in the near future that will benefit undergraduate students.

A thank you was read from Jordan Zahn who participated in the elementary honor choir at Sioux Falls in October. A thank you was also received from Jesse Roshau who participated in the junior honor choir. The next regular meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 13 at 5 p. m., at UCC.

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