Author’s next book set in S.D.


By Stuart Hughes

This summer, the author of “The Seven Dragons of the Gilst” series, Brent Goertzen, moved to Mobridge. While here, he hopes to continue his series of science fiction novels, the next of which takes place in South Dakota.
Goertzen is an author of 20 years but only recently published his first book, which is a collection of short stories. Between a career, a growing family and the day-to-day distractions of life, Goertzen’s transition from writing as a hobby to entertain his family to writing for a living has been something that has occurred gradually over time. Now that he is retired, said Goertzen, he finally has the time to polish and publish a backlog of works he has written that is older than many of his 10 children.
“As a writer I built a small following of people, mostly close friends and family,” he said. “But over 20 years they encouraged me enough to start publishing my stuff.”
After publishing his first work, Goertzen quickly published two more.
“That’s one of the benefits of having a 20 year backlog,” said Goertzen. “I have too much unpublished material.”
The first of Goertzen’s summer books is a collection of short stories titled “I Will Lift Up My Eyes.” The stories stem from Goertzen’s strong Christian faith and are filled with “normal people in normal situations searching for God,” said Goertzen.
Goertzen’s faith is a motivator that keeps him writing and pushes him to write works he hopes will impact people in the modern age. He hopes to do just that with his Seven Dragons of Gilst series, which has its origins in his former residence of Brookings, Oregon. Goertzen described the book as filled with humor, adventure and social commentary.
“I write a lot of moral principles and lessons into my books,” said Goertzen.
“I’m drawn to fiction because it allows an author to communicate to readers through the characters.”
“The Seven Dragons of the Gilst” series is set in modern day Oregon. The seven dragons of the series are the only survivors of a lost civilization who escaped the destruction of their planet by taking a spaceship to Earth. The protagonist of the first book in the series, KyRik, is found by a small boy in a small Oregon town and they become fast friends as the boy guides KyRik through the complexities of life on Earth.
“KyRik is the dragon version of Mr. Spock,” said Goertzen. “He’s very logical, very unemotional and blunt.”
The series can be found through online retailers like Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. Each book of the series tells the story of one dragon’s experiences on Earth. The next book takes place in Brookings, South Dakota.
Currently, Goertzen is working on a fantasy novel that tackles the human condition and matters of Christian faith.
“The novel is my answer to the heroes of the secular world,” said Goertzen.

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