No Tiger hardware at Hub City Open


By Jay Davis
The Tigers had to settle for landing outside the medal stand at the Hub City Open in Aberdeen on Tuesday.
Eric Looyenga finished just off the medal pace with an 87 and part of a tie for 22nd place.
“Eric played pretty solid golf,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “His play is coming right along. He has worked hard and it is paying off.”
Tyler Villbrandt and David Jensen finished in the top two-thirds. Villbrandt tied for 32nd with a 92. Jensen came in tied for 38th with a 94.
“Tyler and David rounded out our two and three spots,” said Weisbeck. “Each of them had a tough moment, but they worked through it. They still have better rounds in their bags.”
The course was tough on Trent Hammer, Trevor Jerome and Joey Heil. They finished closer to the back of the field. Hammer shot 108, Jerome 114 and Heil 127.
“Trent, Tanner and Joey struggled from time to time,” said Weisbeck. “It will be interesting to see what these guys do the remainder of the season. We will need them to step up in order to compete in our region. I feel they are up to the challenge.”
The Tiger golfers have one week to hone their skills before heading to an invitational in Redfield on Tuesday.

Hub City Open
Team Points: Sisseton 313, Aberdeen Central 324, Aberdeen Roncalli 326, Watertown 340, Pierre 345, Huron 354, Milbank 355, Mobridge-Pollock 381, Redfield-Doland 397, Groton 420.
Individual Results: 1. Ryan Medhaug, Sisseton, 69; 2. Jordan Rolstad, Sisseton, 73; 4. Thomas Hogg, Aberdeen Central 79; 4. (tie) Dustin Santjer, Aberdeen Central, 79, Michael Duch, Aberdeen Roncalli 79, Gabe Heller, Aberdeen Roncalli 79, Justin Ackerman, Milbank 79, Drew Mahowlad, Watertown, 79; 9. (tie) Cameron Huff, Aberdeen Central, 82, Keaton Deiter, Aberdeen Roncalli, 82, Willie Weloh, Pierre, 82; 12. (tie) Logan Ramsey, Aberdeen Central, 83, Riley Goeller, Huron, 83; 14. (tie) Adam Goetz, Aberdeen Roncalli, 84, Andrew Van Gerpen, Pierre, 84, Oliver Farmen, Redfield-Doland, 84, Colton Hanson, Watertown, 84; 18. (tie) Tyler Foster, Aberdeen Central, 85, J.P. Noonan, Huron, 85, Garret Brooks, Sisseton, 85; 21. Blake Tehida, Sisseton, 86; 22. (tie) Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 87, Trevor Hieb, Aberdeen Central, 87, Andrew Mears, Milbank, 87, Kieran Gray, Pierre, 87, Ethan Smith, Watertown, 87;
27. Kory Schwan, Aberdeen Roncalli, 88; 28. (tie) Sidney Williams, Sisseton, 89, Nick Mahowald, Watertown, 89, Justin Hulscher, Watertown, 89; 31. Chad Hay, Aberdeen Roncalli, 90; 32. (tie) Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 92, Alec Sibson, Huron, 92, Drew Leif, Pierre, 92; 35. (tie) J.P. Lindquist, Milbank, 93, Seth Varty, Pierre, 93, Kegan Huff, Sisseton, 93; 38. (tie) David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 94, Colin Claeys, Huron, 94; 40. (tie) Sean Zimny, Milbank, 95, Ben Deis, Pierre, 95, Lance Stephens, Redfield-Doland, 95; 43. (tie) Cole Peterson, Huron, 96, Brady Gomer, Milbank, 96, Tommy Nealon, Watertown, 96; 46. Reilly Ell, Groton Area, 102; 48. (tie) Parker Rossow, Groton Area, 105, Brody Sombke, Groton Area, 105; 50. Hunter Avery, Redfield-Doland, 107; 51. (tie) Trent Hammer, Mobridge-Pollock, 108, Mason Madsen, Groton Area, 108; 53. Adam Thomas, Milbank, 109; 54. Bryce Stephens, Redfield-Doland, 111; 55. Tanner Jerome, Mobridge-Pollock, 114; 56. Carson Bunn, Groton Area, 120; 57. Colten Fast, Redfield-Doland, 125; 58. Joey Heil, Mobridge-Pollock, 127; 59. Sean Schuring, Groton Area, 129; 60. Gabe Suchor, Redfield-Doland, 130.

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