Heinz, Rave win MP cross country meet titles


By Jay Davis
Macy Heinz of Ipswich was one of the stars of the state track meet last spring. She provided evidence that she has plans on shining again this fall by running away from the field to win the girls’ division at the Mobridge-Pollock Cross Country Meet at Oahe Hills on Friday.
Heinz looked to be in for a fight as she trailed Kendra Woytassek of Aberdeen Roncalli by 10 yards with about 400 yards to go. The race was not close for long as Heinz put it into high gear and put so much space between her and Woytassek that she won the race by nearly 14 seconds.
Heinz ran a winning time of 15 minutes, 17.9 seconds. Woytassek came in at 15:31.5. Last year’s winner, Tori Moore of Ipswich, came in third at 16:01.5 Yet another Ipswich runner, Taylor Loken, was fourth. Reba Aberle of Timber Lake rounded out the top five with a fifth-place time of 17:28.8.
Ashton Wiederholt was the first Lady Tiger to cross the finish line. Wiederholt finished 14th at 19:04.7.
Hoss Rave retained his boys’ title with a dominating 10-second win. Rave crossed the finish line at 17:31.6. The Dupree junior clipped more than a minute off his winning time from last August.
Austin Hanish of Aberdeen Roncalli took second at 17:41. Nate Widow of Dupree took third with a 17:56.9. Favian Aguirre of Aberdeen Roncalli was fourth at 18:16.52 and Jeremia McCauley of McLaughlin took fifth at 18:30.3.

Mobridge-Pollock Cross Country Meet
Boys Division
Team Points: Dupree 10, Aberdeen Roncalli 11, Stanley County 32.
Individual Results: 1. Hoss Rave, Dupree, 17:31.6; 2. Austin Hanish, Aberdeen Roncalli, 17:41.0; 3. Nate Widow, Dupree, 17:56.9; 4. Favian Aguirre, Aberdeen Roncalli, 18:16.52; 5. Jeremia McCauley, McLaughlin, 18:30.3; 6. Zach Schaefbauer, Aberdeen Roncalli, 18:35.4; 7. Tate Widow, Dupree, 18:36.1; 8. Michael Scott, Stanley County, 18:40.6; 9. Austin Dutenhoeffer, Potter County, 18:42.6; 10. Carl Cronin, Potter County, 18:44.1;
11. Dee Hawk Moran, Dupree, 19:00.3; 12. Todd Kuhn, Timber Lake, 19:55.6; 13. Shale Kramme, Stanley County, 19:16.2; 14. Mathew Geditz, Ipswich, 19:36.4; 15. Justin Rosebrook, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19:56.0; 16. Drew Vance, Faith, 20:04.43; 17. Seth VanDenHeumel, Stanley County, 20:22.2; 18. Brevin Klemann, Stanley County, 20:44.1; 19. Jarius Halligan, Faith, 20:55.0; 20. Reid Kaiser, Potter County, 21:58.3; 21. T.C. Hill, Wakpala, 23:29.5; 22. David Ruth, Faith, 24.10.5.
Girls Division
Team Points: Ipswich 8, Aberdeen Roncalli 18, Potter County 19.
Individual Results: 1. Macy Heinz, Ipswich, 15:17.9; 2. Kendra Woytassek, Aberdeen Roncalli, 15:31.5; 3. Tori Moore, Ipswich, 16:01.5; 4. Taylor Loken, Ipswich, 17:18.31; 5. Reba Aberle, Timber Lake, 17:28.8; 6. Emma Weyand, Potter County, 18:06.0; 7. Autumn Pitz, Ipswich, 18:09.8; 8. Evy Johnson, Timber Lake, 18:18.5; 9. Sarah McClure, Potter County, 18:29.8; 10. Kayla Hopfinger, Aberdeen Roncalli, 18:30.2; 1
1. Hannah Flatt, Potter County, 18:32.6; 12. Isabel Litzen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 18:33.5; 13. Shelby Kilian, Potter County, 18:59.5; 14. Ashton Wiederholt, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:04.7; 15. Bailie Beer, Lemmon, 19:35.7; 16. Hannah Higdon, Dupree, 19:28.31; 17. Brady Beer, Lemmon, 19:35.7; 18. Brianna Weber, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19:45.9; 19. Ellie Weinmeister, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19:56.3; 20. Emily Bohle, Aberdeen Roncalli, 20:02.62;
21. Brooke Enright, Faith, 20:29.0; 22. Jessica Mitzel, Aberdeen Roncalli, 20:49.0; 23. Shaye Jungwirth, Potter County, 21:03.4; 24. Tory Makela, Ipswich, 21:21.2; 25. Caitlin Plenty Chief, Wakpala, 21:32.38; 26. Shayna Engel, Faith, 21:56.6; 27. Mary Martin, Mobridge-Pollock, 22:19.0; 28. Lilli Cronin, Potter County, 22:55.3.

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