Lady Tigers off to 2-0 start after home sweeps


By Jay Davis
Even with a bunch of new faces, the Lady Tigers picked up right where last season’s third-in-state team left off last year. Mobridge-Pollock tore past Chamberlain 3-0 in the season-opener on Saturday before blasting Standing Rock 3-0 on Tuesday. Both matches were played at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium.
Coach Keri Bolduan said the home wins were a nice way for the new starters to get used to being on the court together.
“It’s given them the chance to gel and get to know each other on the court,” said Bolduan. “They’ve done a good job communicating. Callie Slater is a good floor leader and does a good job with them.”


Although they were a little spotty at times and let a couple big leads turn into closer final scores, the outcome was never in doubt as the Lady Tigers defeated the Cubs 25-20, 25-15, 25-23 on Saturday.
Mobridge-Pollock dominated the service line with 18 aces, while defending serve and giving up a mere two Chamberlain aces. Ellie Rabenberg served hot with a 21 for 23, eight ace night. Aundrea Kramer added four aces.
The team won the net battle with a 34-20 edge in kills. Kady Pinney led the team with a 22 of 24 hitting, 11-kill night. Ariel Bieber was 12 of 15 with eight kills and added a team-leading three blocks. Rabenberg added another eight kills. Slater had a perfect night setting for the hitters. She was 91 for 91 with 30 assists.
Outplaying Chamberlain on offense meant the Lady Tigers had only 36 digs, while the Cubs had 62. Maranda Wagner led the defense with a match-high 15 digs.
Jaymee Knippling led Chamberlain with six kills and a match-high four blocks. Abbey Handel had seven assists and 12 digs. Kennedy Wagner added 10 assists and four kills.

Standing Rock
With their 2-0 start, the Lady Tigers are ranked fourth in the first SDSA rankings. Wagner is ranked first, Sioux Falls Christian second, Elk Point-Jefferson third and Tri-Valley fifth.
The Lady Tigers beat Standing Rock for the eighth time in eight tries with a 25-4, 25-7, 25-9 win on Tuesday.
In not allowing the Warriors to get to double digits, the Lady Tigers did not have to rack up a heavy load of stats. The girls knocked out 19 aces on 60 of 70 serving and 22 kills on 32 of 42 hitting.
Slater started hot from the service line and never slowed, finishing 24 of 27 with eight aces. Pinney added five aces. Brandi Martian came off the bench with seven straight serves and a pair of aces.
Slater spread 18 assists around with Pinney hitting seven kills, while Bieber and Kayleigh Henderson hit five each. Bieber had both of the team’s blocks. The defense did not have to do much digging. Rabenberg had half the team’s six digs.


The Lady Tigers hit the road for the first time on Tuesday when they travel to Eureka to square off against the Eureka-Bowdle Patriots. Mobridge-Pollock swept Eureka-Bowdle at home last season.

Standing Rock (0-1) 4 7 9
Mobridge-Pollock (2-0) 25 25 25

Standing Rock: Serving 1 ace (Amarylis Eagle); Setting 4 assists (Briann Ramsey 4); Hitting 4 kills (4 players one each); Blocks 1 (Waniyetu White Eagle); Digs 2 (Shaylynn Luger 2).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 60-70, 19 aces (Callie Slater 24-27-8, Kady Pinney 7-8-5, Brandi Martian 7-7-2); Setting 62-62, 18 assists (Slater 51-51-16); Hitting 32-42, 22 kills (Pinney 9-13-7, Ariel Bieber 8-10-5, Kayleigh 5-7-5); Blocks 2 (Bieber 2); Digs 6 (Ellie Rabenberg 3).
JV Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-12, 25-16.

Chamberlain (0-1) 20 15 23
Mobridge-Pollock (1-0) 25 25 25

Chamberlain: Serving 54-60, 2 aces (Laura Pazour 10-10-1, Abbey Handel 9-10-1); Setting 78-81, 18 assists (Kennedy Wagner 38-40-10, Handel 36-37-7); Hitting 54-64, 20 kills (Jaymee Knippling 6 kills, Wagner 4 kills); Blocks 6 (Knippling 4, Pazour 2); Digs 62 (Handel 12).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 67-73, 18 aces (Ellie Rabenberg 21-23-8, Aundrea Kramer 13-13-4, Kady Pinney 9-9-3); Setting (Callie Slater 91-91-30); Hitting 58-69, 34 kills (Pinney 22-24-11, Ariel Bieber 12-15-8, Rabenberg 11-14-8); Blocks 8 (Bieber 3, Kramer 2, Kayleigh Henderson 2); Digs 36 (Maranda Wagner 15, Pinney 5, Rabenberg 5).
JV Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-20, 25-27, 15-11. C Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-13, 25-20.

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