KATIE ZERR: Politicians must take responsibility


The dog and pony shows that are the national conventions move continue this week as the Democrats grab the country’s attention.

They too, promise to provide a plethora of editorial fodder during the week’s events.

The conventions don’t mean much to those who don’t have a role in tweaking their party’s platform.  As everyone knows who the candidates are long before they hit the convention floor.

Gone are the days when candidates actually rallied their supporters at the convention to ensure they would represent their party in the election.

Instead, the conventions are now a pep fest for the delegates and a chance for the big name politicians to lie and point fingers at the other guy.

After listening to some of the speeches at the Republican Convention, the most glaring problem that faces this nation was showcased: the inability of anyone to admit they played a role in the trouble that grips this country.

The Democrats claim, Mitt Romney is so evil he would fire Santa’s elves and outsource their jobs to China. The Republicans are still basking in the glow of the vision of a Utopia-like America where all the problems of the country  disappear after Romney takes office.

After watching and listening to speeches during that convention, one would think that the America we lived in before Barrack Obama (B.B.O.) was a country where everyone had the same chance to succeed in life. It didn’t matter if one was born in Woodside, Calif., or Oglala, S.D., everyone could be a millionaire if they really wanted to.

In the Republican Utopia B.B.O., apparently there was no need for the evil welfare programs that cause Americans to become lazy and to learn how to depend on the government.

B.B.O., there was no risk in being poor in America. No one worried about the safety of their children in the neighborhood in which they live. Everyone had the chance to live in upscale cul-de-sac neighborhoods where all neighbors watched each other’s children and kept them safe from the boogeyman.

No one faced the choice of whether to pay for the prescription the doctor said is needed or put food in the cupboard or had to stand in line at the unemployment office or swallow his or her pride and stand in line at the local food bank for the first time.

No one worried about losing homes or whether companies would outsource their jobs overseas.

B.B.O. Americans didn’t worry that their sons and daughters would not come home from the Middle East in a flag-draped casket or needing extensive care to recover from injuries suffered overseas.

No one mentioned the war that has cost this county or what that cost is adding to the national debt. Not one speaker mentioned who took us into this war and why we are still fighting in the Middle East.

Apparently these problems appeared the day this administration took office.

Since then, Republicans made it their job to see this president fail and did everything in their power to make it so, no matter how it impacted this country.

Three times Republicans voted down the jobs bill that was part of the plan to put Americans back to work and fix the infrastructure of this nation.

They did it because they knew if that part of the stimulus was successful, they would fail in their sworn mission to make this president a one-termer.

They should be ashamed that they put their politics ahead of the people in this country instead of wearing the failures of the Obama Administration as a badge of honor.

Yet they refuse to admit their part in America’s problems and in what shape this nation was in when Barack Obama won the election 2008.

Has Obama failed to deliver on the promises he made to this country? Yes.

But the chances that this administration could succeed were diminished when the Republican countdown to failure began on day one of his presidency.


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