Tigers claim Winner title


By Jay Davis

Three Tigers finished in the top 10 as Mobridge-Pollock won the team title at the Winner Invitational Golf Meet on Tuesday.
David Jensen led the Tigers with an 81 for third place. Eric Looyenga shot 85 for sixth and Tyler Villbrandt shot 87 for ninth. Tanner Jerome helped the Tigers to the title with a 20th place finish at 98.
“The boys knew they had a chance,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “It helped immensely to have a fourth golfer step up to the plate. Tanner did that. The practice is paying off and the kids are seeing those rewards.”
Coleman Caldwell of Chamberlain won the individual medalist honors with a 79. He beat teammate Lane Shroyer by on stroke.
Joey Heil and Dalton Faehnrich rounded out the Tiger squad. Heil shot 104 for 25th and Faehnrich shot 105 for 29th.
The Tigers finish their regular season fine-tuning with the pre-region meet in meet in Mitchell on Monday.
“As with any season, we still have work to do,” said Weisbeck. “I am hoping the boys take this and keep rolling through the final push of our season.  If we continue to play well we have a shot at a trophy in the region tournament.”

Winner Invitational
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 351, Todd County 359, Chamberlain 360, Pierre B 375, Pierre A 390, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 500, St. Francis 536.
Medalists (top 10): 1. Coleman Caldwell, Chamberlain, 44-35-79; 2. Lane Shroyer, Chamberlain, 42-38-80; 3. David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 45-36-81; 4. Austin Huss, Pierre B, 43-40-83; 5. Jayden Bruun, Winner, 40-43-83; 6. Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 45-40-85; 7. Dru Espinoza, Todd County, 47-40-87; 8. Landon Engel, Winner, 44-43-87; 9. Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 43-44-87; 10. Tanner Colombe, Todd County, 44-44-88;
11. Ben Deis, Pierre A, 45-45-90; 12. Charles Bad Milk, Todd County, 47-43-90; 13. Nolan Keckler, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 49-42-91; 14. Landon Badger, Pierre B, 50-43-93; 15. Luke Jedlicki, Winner, 51-43-94; 16. Anthony Bizardie, Todd County, 49-45-94; 17. Ryan Merril, Pierre B, 49-46-95; 18. Sam Hossle, Winner, 50-47-97; 19. Sam Edman, Pierre A, 53-46-99; 20. Tanner Jerome, Mobridge-Pollock, 45-53-98;
21. Braiden McCahren, Pierre A, 53-46-99; 22. Tiegen Priebe, Chamberlain, 52-47-99; 23. Luke Stewart, Chamberlain, 52-50-102; 24. Zac Pederson, Winner, 51-52-103; 25. Joey Heil, Mobridge-Pollock, 56-48-104; 26. Nate Doherty, Pierre A, 52-52-104; 27. Garrett Grunlund, Winner, 55-54-109; 28. Coleman Varty, Pierre B, 51-53-104; 29. Dalton Faehnrich, Mobridge-Pollock, 53-52-105; 30. Parker Pietz, Pierre B, 57-52-109; 31. Bradyn Ward, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 58-51-109; 32. Max Longman, Pierre A, 56-53-109; 33. Buzz Jordan, St. Francis, 57-55-112; 34. Ryan Bordeaux, Todd County, 62-6-124.

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