This dog’s trick? Calling 911


By Sandy Bond

Technology has come a long way since the mid-1950’s when TV portrayed Lassie dashing for home to “tell” mom and grandpa that Timmy had fallen into a well.
In fact, a seven-month old Vizsla named Jacques actually called Emergency 911, and received a prompt response.
Last Christmas Darcy Pudwill’s beloved but elderly and ailing Vizsla, Jack, crawled under the family Christmas tree and died in the home of Darcy’s folks, Phylliss and Dick Pudwill of Selby.
The family found it a bit difficult to find another Vizsla. Bred as an upland hunting dog in Hungry, the Vizsla are relatively unique in South Dakota. The Pudwills found a breeder through the Internet.
With its bronze coat, long ears, and amber eyes, the rambunctious pup soon melted everyone’s hearts and became Darcy’s constant companion.
On a fishing trip, Darcy said, he dropped his cell phone and it was crushed by a passing vehicle. It was the type of phone that allows one to call 911 whether it is turned on or not. Retrieving the phone, Darcy discovered it was damaged, probably beyond repair. He soon replaced it with another. The original phone was soon forgotten in a box in their home, until Jacques began chewing on it! That, apparently, activated the 911 response keys.
Dick and Jacques were startled to hear a voice resounding from the phone from a 911 operator in Mobridge: “911. What is your emergency?”
Somewhat sheepishly, Dick found himself explaining to the 911 dispatcher that their dog had, indeed, called 911!

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