KATIE ZERR: Obama came in fourth at his own convention


With the national conventions behind us, it is time to get to the meat of the election and hear exactly what these candidates will do to keep this country moving forward.

Neither presidential candidate stood out on the convention stage, but President Barack Obama, who had four years earlier lit a fire under a lot of Americans, fell flat in his convention speech. It seemed a lot of rhetoric and little substance.

Obama’s speech was much like others we have heard, but he had a large hill to climb after former President Bill Clinton rocked the house the night before.

Obama’s empty rhetoric with no set plans did nothing to excite voters who are not ready to commit to him. In fact, his speech was less appealing than those given by a number of people at the convention, including his wife and Vice-President Joe Biden.

Not a good show coming in fourth at the nominating convention. It was like watching him take a mighty swing at slow curve ball, expecting to send it out of the stadium, only to wiff by a mile.

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