Braves dominate Big Dakota cross country meet


By Jay Davis

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte runners had a 1-2-3-4 finish in the boys’ division of the Big Dakota Conference cross country meet in Chamberlain on Thursday.
Xavier Morris won the conference title when he crossed the finish line at 16 minutes, 47 seconds. Harold Red Owl was second at 17:21 and Seven Annis was third at 17:41. The first real competition of the race came when Don’e Red Water ran an 18:06 to edge Gabriel Red Kettle of Todd County who ran an 18:07 and finished sixth. When Dillon Miner finished his race at 18:30 all five Cheyenne-Eagle Butte runners had a top 10 finish. The Braves’ 10 points easily distanced Winner and its runner-up score of 46.
Jeremiah McCauley of McLaughlin medaled in 12th place, running an 18:34. Teammate Jason Running Hawk finished 26th at 21:12.
The Braves’ girls could not match that kind of effort but did get a conference champion in Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle. She ran a 16:01 to beat Lottie Grimshaw of Todd County by 21 seconds. Ivy Norris finished seventh at 17:36 and River Gunville finished 11th at 18:00 as the Lady Braves finished second in team standings with 33 points. Chamberlain won the team title, edging Cheyenne-Eagle Butte by one point.
The Lady Tigers got a strong run from Ashton Weiderholt who medaled with a 15th-place finish, coming in at 18:33. Danielle Beadle and Mary Martin just missed the top 20. Beadle was 23rd with a 19:09. Martin was 24th with a 19:21.
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte added Lisa Littleton, Macy Shupick and D’Aryn Lends His Horse to the top 20. Littleton was 14th, Shupick 16th and Lends His Horse 17th. Sierra Bobtail Bear rounded out the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte runners with a 26th-place finish.
The Lady Tigers will run three times this week. They are competing in the Faulkton Invitational today (Wednesday), the Hoven Invitational is Saturday and the Miller Invitational is Monday.

Big Dakota Conference Meet
Girls Division
Team Points: Chamberlain 32, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 33, Todd County 40, Winner 42.
Individual Results: 1. Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 16:01; 2. Lottie Grimshaw, Todd County, 16:22; 3. Amory Prue, Todd County, 16:26; 4. Chloe Bartels, Winner, 16:35; 5. Anna Byers, Chamberlain, 16:58; 6. Carlie Thieman, Winner, 17:35; 7. Ivy Norris, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 17:36; 8. Madeline Tyrell, Chamberlain, 17:42; 9. Tiffany Swanson, Chamberlain, 17:45; 10. Brittany Goodlow, Chamberlain, 17:57;
11. River Gunville, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:00; 12. Alayna Steckelberg, Chamberlain, 18:10; 13. Sydney Schuyler, Winner, 18:20; 14. Lisa Littleton, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:27; 15. Ashton Wiederholt, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:33; 16. Macy Shupick, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:34; 17. D’Aryn Lends His Horse, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:35; 18. Eireann Grimshaw, Todd County, 18:44; 19. Caitlyn Wilkie, Todd County, 18:45; 20. Brianne Bertsch, Miller, 18:52;
21. Katie Mathis, Winner, 18:53; 22. Reagan Jorgensen, Winner, 18:58; 23. Danielle Beadle, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:09; 24. Mary Martin, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:21; 25. Tyra Swalley, Todd County, 19:47; 26. Sierra Bobtail Bear, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 20:17; 27. Lydia Yellow Hawk, Todd County, 22:14.

Boys Division
Team Points: Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 10, Winner 46. Todd County 48, Miller 55, Stanley County 81, Chamberlain 85.
Individual Results: 1. Xavier Norris, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 16:47; 2. Harold Red Owl, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 17:21; 3. Seven Annis, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 17:41; 4. Don’e Red Water, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:06; 5. Gabriel Red Kettle, Todd County, 18:07; 6. Cole Phillips, Winner, 18:07; 7. Mason Breitling, Miller, 18:12; 8. Tobias Weddell, Todd County, 18:20; 9. Skyler Bertram, Chamberlain, 18:23; 10. Dillon Miner, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 18:30;
11. Coleton Schuyler, Winner, 18:31; 12.  Jeremiah McCauley, McLaughlin, 18:34; 13. Eric Metcalf, Todd County, 18:35; 14. Cole Sargent, Miller, 18:37; 15. Trevor Larson, Winner, 18:42; 16. Patrick Aeschbacher, Winner, 19:18; 17. Michael Scott, Stanley County, 19:34; 18. Devyn Gortmaker, Miller, 20:08; 19. Beau Keeter, Miller, 20:25; 20. Seth Vandenhemel, Stanley County, 20:31;
21. Morgan Hauke, Chamberlain, 20:40; 22. Shale Kramme, Stanley County, 20:44; 23. Sean Bice, Winner, 20:49; 24. Donald Aquallo, Todd County, 21:00; 25. Steven Burning Breast, Todd County, 21:09; 26. Jason Running Hawk, McLaughlin, 21:12; 27. Brevin Klemman, Stanley County, 21:13; 28. Hunter Eimers, Chamberlain, 21:17; 29. Jacob Heezen, Miller, 21:25; 30. Trey Waldrop, Miller, 21:39; 31. Lucas Simpson, Miller, 21:52; 32. Trevor Swift Hawk, Todd County, 22:07; 33. Jacob Steckelberg, Stanley County, 22:21.

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