Golfers prepare for postseason


By Jay Davis

Just two Mobridge-Pollock golfers would have made the cut if the pre-region meet had been the real thing. The Tigers will have to step it up a notch after David Jensen and Eric Looyenga finished 10th and 11th, respectively, in Mitchell on Monday.
“The boys played okay,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “They realize that to achieve our goal, they will have to improve next Monday.”
Jensen shot an 88 and Looyenga shot a 90 to lead the Tigers. The next Mobridge-Pollock player was Tyler Villbrandt, who came in 25th with a 95. The presumed cutoff for qualification was the top 21 players.
The rest of the team came in in order with Tanner Jerome taking 35th, Joey Heil taking 36th and Kenny Helm taking 37th.
Coleman Caldwell of Chamberlain drilled the competition with a one under par 71. Adam Blecker of Mitchell Christian was second with a 76.
The Tigers have this week to hone their games and knock shots off their scores before competing in the Region 3A Tournament in Mitchell on Monday.
“The air about the pre-region is not a competitive one with no medals presented, simply practice,” said Weisbeck. “Hopefully the kids bring their A games next week and we can shine. I am confident they will do just that. They are a great bunch of kids.”

3A Pre-Region Meet
Individual Results: 1. Coleman Caldwell, Chamberlain, 34-37-71; 2. Adam Blecker, Mitchell Christian, 39-37-76; 3. Ty Kinneberg, Parkston, 41-37-78; 4. Garret Hohn, Garretson, 39-39-78; 5. Lane Shroyer, Chamberlain, 40-39-79; 6. Jayden Bruun, Winner, 37-43-80; 7. Jake Weber, Parkston, 38-43-81; 8. Luke Jedlicki, Winner, 43-43-86; 9. Jacob Lee, Parkston, 43-44-87; 10. David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 40-48-88;
11. Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 47-43-90; 12. Anthony Bizardie, Todd County, 46-44-90; 13. Alec Johnson, Bon Homme, 44-46-90; 14. Tyler Kaul, Bon Homme, 47-44-91; 15. Ryan Alley, Parkston, 47-44-91; 16. Landon Engel, Winner, 45-46-91; 17. Tiegen Priebe, Chamberlain, 45-46-91; 18. Jackson Feiner, Mitchell Christian, 49-43-92; 19. Andrew Roland, Bon Homme, 47-45-92; 20. Tucker Peschl, Bon Homme, 47-45-92;
21. Lincoln Stoebner, Bon Homme, 44-48-92; 22. Buzz Jordan, St. Francis, 48-46-94; 23. Luke Stewart, Chamberlain, 47-47-94; 24. Garrett Grunlund, Winner, 47-47-94; 25. Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 50-45-95; 26. Dru Espinoza, Todd County, 49-46-95; 27. Lee Jalsma, Bon Homme, 48-47-95; 28. Alex Scott, Parkston, 45-50-95; 29. Wes VanderPol, Mitchell Christian, 48-48-96; 30. Zac Pederson, Winner, 47-50-97;
31. Charles Bad Milk, Todd County, 46-52-98; 32. Tanner Colombe, Todd County, 50-49-99; 33. Adam Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 48-51-99; 34. Austin Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 50-50-100; 35. Tanner Jerome, Mobridge-Pollock, 50-52-102; 36. Joey Heil, Mobridge-Pollock, 51-53-104; 37. Kenny Helm, Mobridge-Pollock, 53-52-105; 38. Josh Cimpl, Wagner, 54-53-107; 39. Sam Hossle, Winner, 52-60-112; 40. Adam Rassmussen, Mitchell Christian, 61-53-114; 41. Bradyn Ward, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 64-57-121; 42. Ryan Bordeaux, Todd County, 61-63-124.

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