JAY DAVIS: Win or lose, game endings should be handled with class


It was a bit odd to see the MP lit up with Christmas lights last night instead of it being fully ablaze. With the ongoing drought, the “Burning of the MP” had to be changed to the “Lighting.”

I’m sure there were more than a few out there who questioned the breaking of the tradition. While one tradition was broken when the letters were not burning in the night, another tradition was held strong and true. And that is the tradition of teaching the young men and women of Mobridge to do what is right.

The drought has been pretty severe this summer. That makes it a no-brainer to comply with burn bans and put out the fire for one homecoming celebration. Oh sure, a fire truck could have been parked in the school parking lot and the MP could have burned on the lot’s huge cement pond, but that would have brushed aside the important part of the school’s job to teach our children right from wrong. Right is, of course, doing what is best for the ecology of the Bridge City. Things worked out fine. The king and queen (congratulations Cody Schaefbauer and Callie Slater) were crowned, the cheerleaders cheered, the band played, and the student population got ready for the week of homecoming festivities.

Nice move and kudos to all at MPHS.

Speaking of doing the right thing, Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano maybe should have spent some of his formative years on the plains of South Dakota.

If you don’t know the scenario, Schiano’s Bucs blew a 25-point lead and were seconds away from defeat against the New York Giants on Sunday. The Giants had the game won and the Bucs were out of timeouts. It was time for the old “victory” formation, where the quarterback takes the snap from center and kneels down, conceding the play.

After the snap when the Tampa Bay defense went full bore at the Giants’ offensive line in a vain attempt to create havoc and maybe a turnover that would produce some kind of miracle win, that’s when things went wrong.

Here in Mobridge we teach our athletes that win or lose, do it with dignity and class. That was neither. That was Schiano, in just his second game as an NFL coach, letting the football world know that he is a donkey’s posterior with the first name Jack.

When a team has beaten you, take the defeat with honor, just as the team who has just defeated you has quit the attack and called off the assault.

While with the NFL, I do believe I have to turn a 180 on the replacement referees. It seems it has quickly become time for the NFL to cave and give the old refs what they need. I am not saying this because of the substitutes. They are the innocents in this. The problem is that the players and coaches have no respect for what they do. The games are going to get uglier by the minute as the teams take advantage of the situation. The integrity of the NFL is now at stake and something needs to be done quickly.

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