JAY DAVIS: The injury bug taking a bite out of Tigers


The injury bug hits teams every once in a while. The little fellow has landed in the Bridge City and is testing the meddle of the Tiger football team and Lady Tiger volleyball team.

The Tigers were falling like flies on Friday. Seniors Cody Hanson, Daniel Hintz and Stephen Gemar all went down with injuries during Friday’s loss to Webster.

Hanson injured his hand and had to come out of the game. After some medical attention he came back and tried to play, but not for long. Hanson was sporting a brand new cast on his broken hand on Saturday. Hanson may be back on the field as a defensive back, but receiving and returning kicks will not happen with a padded club for a left hand.

Hintz had to say good-bye to his football career after suffering a dislocated right shoulder. Hintz crumbled in pain on the sideline and had to be carted off. The extent of the damage is not yet known, but Daniel has been warned by doctors that his senior season of wrestling might also be in jeopardy.

Gemar went down with a knee injury early in the fourth quarter. The extent of his injury is not yet clear, but one thing is; the Tigers will have to square off against Winner on Friday with two senior linemen watching from the sidelines. Coach Nathan Lamb said Gemar is out on Friday for sure. When MRI results are known, Gemar’s availability or non-availability will be known also.

The injuries are not so severe for the Lady Tigers, but they have been injury enough to affect the continuity of the team.

Senior setter Callie Slater stayed off the floor in Eagle Butte on Tuesday to rest a painful wrist. Slater, who fought through the pain at the CSDC on Saturday, needs to get that setting hand healthy to help lead the Tigers to their intended goals.

Senior hitters Ariel Bieber and Kady Pinney have both missed time with injury. Bieber has been fighting an ankle injury, while Pinney has had neck problems. Both hitters have been able to stay in the lineup, but when already injured, a player has to cross fingers and hope nothing happens to exacerbate the damage.

The thing with volleyball is the continuity and the ability to communicate on the floor. The injuries have caused the Lady Tigers to falter a bit the last couple of weeks. They have lost three times in the last 11 days, including a five-set match in Lemmon on Thursday. The girls have also had to work harder than one would think to beat some lesser teams.

All will be well for the girls once they get healthy. They still have all of October to get their confidence and total game back and be ready for a long postseason run.

It will be a higher hill for the Tigers to climb. The new starters will be younger with a lot less experience. They will be thrown into the flames of a very hot fire on Friday when undefeated Winner comes to town. How they fare on Friday will not be as important as how they grow from the experience. The Tigers finish on the road at Groton and Chamberlain and will need to win one if not both games to qualify for the playoffs.

Next man up, gentlemen.

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