Beadle takes sixth at CSDC


Eighth-grader Danielle Beadle raced to sixth place at the Central South Dakota Conference Meet in Gettysburg on Wednesday.
Beadle ran the course in 17 minutes, 7.05 seconds to win her conference medal. The top 15 medaled in the meet.
“Danielle has been running very well,” said coach Stephen Hettick.
Freshman ReAnne Kohlus nabbed the final medal, taking 15th place with an 18.30.02.
The next three Lady Tigers finished just out of the money, taking 16th, 17th and 18th place. Mary Martin ran an 18:44.60, Ashton Wiederholt ran an 18:51.81 and Allie Sauer came in at 19:23.04.
Anna Byers of Chamberlain won the conference title with a time of 16:08.72. Hannah Flatt of Potter County was second with a 16:20.14.
Chamberlain and Potter County each finished the meet with 11 team points. Chamberlain won the title due to Byers winning the meet. The Lady Tigers finished third with 35 points.
Jase Kraft of Wessington Springs won the boys’ division in a time of 16:48.86. Jordan Houdek of Highmore-Harrold was second. Davis Carson of Chamberlain led the Cubs to the team title with a third-place finish.
The CSDC was the conclusion of the regular season. The Tigers will start the postseason tomorrow (Thursday) when they compete at the Region 4A meet in Chamberlain. The top 20 individuals and top three teams will qualify for state.
Along with the Lady Tigers, Justin Nobles will be competing in the boys’ division.
“If a few runners step up and run a good race, we could potentially take the team to Huron,” said Hettick.
Mobridge-Pollock will be competing against Chamberlain, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, Crow Creek, Gregory, McLaughlin, Miller, Platte-Geddes, Stanley County, Todd County, Wagner and Winner for the right to compete at the State A Cross Country Meet in Huron on Oct. 20.
– Jay Davis –

Girls Division
Team Points: Chamberlain 11, Potter County 11, Mobridge-Pollock 35, Highmore-Harrold 43.
Individual Results: 1. Anna Byers, Chamberlain, 16:08.72; 2. Hannah Flatt, Potter County, 16:20.14; 3. Madeline Tyrell, Chamberlain, 16:52.07; 4. Sarah McClure, Potter County, 17:00.30; 5. Shelby Kilian, Potter County, 17:04.85; 6. Danielle Beadle, Mobridge-Pollock, 17:07.05; 7. Tiffany Swanson, Chamberlain, 17:26.24; 8. Brittany Goodlow, Chamberlain, 17:36.32; 9. Emma Weyand, Potter County, 17:40.29; 10. Brianne Bertsch, Miller, 17:49.45;
11. Delanie Larson, Potter County, 17:51.57; 12. Alayna Steckelberg, Chamberlain, 17:54.73; 13. Josey Aasby, Highmore-Harrold, 18:09.49; 14. McKenzee Zilverberg, Highmore-Harrold, 18:22.11; 15. ReAnne Kohlus, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:30.02; 16. Mary Martin, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:44.60; 17. Ashton Wiederholt, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:51.81; 18. Allie Sauer, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:23.04; 19. Dani McCauley, Highmore-Harrold, 19:39.65; 20. Rebecca Buchholz, Highmore-Harrold, 20:18.86; 21. Lilli Cronin, Potter County, 20:34.64; 22. Tyann Hamlin, Highmore-Harrold, 20:50.08; 23. Amy Woodruff, Wessington Springs, 21:10.53.

Boys Division
Team Points: Chamberlain 15, Miller 18, Wessington Springs 26, Highmore-Harrold 27.
Individual Results: 1. Jase Kraft, Wessington Springs, 16:48.86; 2. Jordan Houdek, Highmore-Harrold, 18:06.83; 3. Davis Carson, Chamberlain, 18:25.23; 4. Skyler Bertram, Chamberlain, 18:30.95; 5. Mason Breitling, Miller, 18:37.03; 6. Cole Sargent, Miller, 18:42.32; 7. Austin Dutenhoeffer, Potter County, 20:00.94; 8. Beau Keeter, Miller, 20:07.78; 9. Morgan Hauke, Chamberlain, 20:11.96; 10. Colin Weidenbach, Highmore-Harrold, 20:14.43;
11. Devyn Gortmaker, Miller, 20:29.02; 12. Trey Waldrop, Miller, 20:44.74; 13. Lucas Simpson, Miller, 20:48.19; 14. Reid Kaiser, Potter County, 21:12.38; 15. Jacob Heezen, Miller, 21:17.66; 16. Nick Paulson, Wessington Springs, 21:48.07; 17. Owen Witte, Wessington Springs, 22:00.82; 18. Jacob Steckelberg, Chamberlain, 22:03.53; 19. Jacob Lopez, Chamberlain, 22:21.01; 20. Chris Nemec, Highmore-Harrold, 22:26.94;
21. Jason Manning, Miller, 22:46.93; 22. Clayton Keck, Miller, 23:01.21; 23. Zach Hough, Chamberlain, 23:07.83; 24. Hayden Houdek, Highmore-Harrold, 23:12.11; 25. Hadley Hamlin, Highmore-Harrold, 23:24.99; 26. Hunter Eimers, Chamberlain, 27:41.01.

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