Lady Tigers win last two home matches


The Lady Tigers fell 3-1 at Linton-HMB on Tuesday after winning a pair of home matches, beating Potter County 3-1 on Monday and Sully Buttes 3-1 on Thursday.
“We have played a bit sluggish at times,” said coach Keri Bolduan. “We need to work on our blocking and making sure we play every point as if it is game point.”

Linton-HMB controlled the latter half of the games in defeating the Lady Tigers in Linton, N.D., on Tuesday. The Lions beat the Lady Tigers 25-21 in set one before Mobridge-Pollock rallied to win 25-16 in set two. Linton-HMB came on strong to finish the night with wins of 25-19 and 25-21.
Beating the Lady Tigers 54-30 in kills played a big part in the final outcome. So did holding a 10-4 edge in aces.
The Lady Tigers did have balance in their offense as Kayleigh Henderson and Kady Pinney had eight kills each and Ellie Rabenberg had six. Henderson led all net defenders with five blocks. Rabenberg led the serving with two aces on 15 of 16 serving. Callie Slater did yeoman’s work setting with a 105 of 108, 20-assist match and added 16 of 16 serving with an ace. Maranda Wagner led the back row defense with 24 digs.
Nicole Nieuwsma led all hitters, pounding out 20 kills. McKenna Flyberg had a match-leading five aces. Tiffany Gerving had 46 of her team’s 48 assists. Jessica Schlosser topped all defensive specialists with 25 digs.

Potter County
After a sluggish start, the Lady Tigers assumed control to beat Potter County 3-1 at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Monday.
Potter County started hot and took a 1-0 lead with a 25-17 win. The Lady Tigers rebounded to tie the match with a 25-16 win and soared from there, winning the next two 25-19, 25-18.
Pinney got hot in the third match and finished the evening with 14 kills on 22 of 26 hitting. Henderson and Rabenberg backed her up with nine and seven kills, respectively. Slater distributed 30 assists. Wagner, Henderson and Rabenberg had two aces each. Defensive leaders were Wagner with 30 digs and Henderson with three blocks.
Sydney Logan did her best to keep the Battlers in the match. The 6’1” middle hitter had 12 kills and five blocks. Alli Lake had nine kills and Hallee Cronin had six. Morgan Vander Vorst led serving  with two aces. Megan Schrempp led setting with 23 assists. The Battlers spent a lot of time on defense as attested by Schrempp with 17 digs and Cronin, Lake and Vander Vorst with 15 each.

Sully Buttes
With just one momentum lapse in set four, the Lady Tigers controlled the floor in beating Sully Buttes 3-1 at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Thursday.
Mobridge-Pollock jumped out with 25-13 win. Sully Buttes starting gaining momentum late in the Lady Tigers’ 25-23 win in set two. The Chargers kept that momentum for a 25-19 win in set three before the Lady Tigers reassumed control and won set four 25-12.
With victory at hand, the Lady Tigers ripped off the last five points of the night when Natasha Sandland pounded a kill and Pinney smoked four straight aces for points 22 through 25.
Pinney finished the night with six of the team’s 15 aces. She was 15 of 16, while Wagner was 20 of 21 with three aces and Henderson was 11 of 11 with two aces. Three Lady Tigers hit double digits in kills. Henderson finished with 16, Pinney 15 and Ariel Bieber 11. The trio was 55 of 63 hitting. Slater kept the girls pounding away with 35 assists on 99 of 99 setting. Wagner led the defense with 23 digs. Pinney added 12 digs, while Henderson and Bieber combined for seven blocks.

Season finale
The Lady Tigers will have some gym time to fine tune their game before the regular season finale next Thursday in Leola. The Lady Tigers will take their 19-6 record to visit a struggling Leola-Frederick team. The Titans are just 5-20 on the campaign.
The girls will get another week to prepare for the postseason. The attempt at making it to a fourth straight state tournament starts Thursday, Nov. 1, when the Lady Tigers host the District 11A tournament at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium.

Mobridge-Pollock (19-6)21 25 19 21
Linton-HMB25 16 25 25
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 77-80, 4 aces (Ellie Rabenberg 15-16-2, Callie Slater 16-16-1, Aundrea Kramer 15-16-1); Setting 116-119, 22 assists (Slater 105-108-20); Hitting 75-89, 30 kills (Kayleigh Henderson 22-25-8, Kady Pinney 21-25-8, Rabenberg 20-24-6); Blocks 8 (Henderson 5); Digs 80 (Maranda Wagner 24).
Linton-HMB: Serving 10 aces (McKenna Flyberg 5, Jessica Schlosser 2); Setting 48 assists (Tiffany Gerving 46); Hitting 54 kills (Nicole Nieuwsma 20, Kaidra Larson 6, Taylor Beck 6, Flyberg 6); Blocks 11 (Beck 3, Flyberg 2, Larson 2); Digs 92 (Schlosser 25).
JV Match: Linton-HMB 25-15, 25-19.  C Match: Linton-HMB won.

Potter County (12-12)25 16 19 18
Mobridge-Pollock (19-5)17 25 25 25
Potter County: Serving 74-81, 5 aces (Morgan Vander Vorst 17-18-2, Destry Nafziger 16-16-1, Alli Lake 15-16-1); Setting 116-126, 23 assists (Megan Schrempp 102-110-23); Hitting 123-150, 33 kills (Sydney Logan 34-41-12, Lake 29-38-9, Hallee Cronin 26-31-6); Blocks 6 (Logan 5, Vander Vorst); Digs 71 (Schrempp 17, Cronin 15, Lake 15, Vander Vorst 15).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 79-82, 8 aces (Maranda Wagner 16-16-2, Ellie Rabenberg 13-13-2, Kayleigh Henderson 11-11-2); Setting (Callie Slater 106-109, 30 assists, Aundrea Kramer 13-13); Hitting 69-82, 32 kills (Kady Pinney 22-26-14, Henderson 14-16-9, Rabenberg 23-27-7); Blocks 4 (Henderson 3, Kramer); Digs 76 (Wagner 30).
JV Match: Potter County 25-19, 18-25, 15-7. C Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-21, 25-19.

Sully Buttes (13-10)13 23 25 12
Mobridge-Pollock (18-5)25 25 19 25
Sully Buttes: Serving 63-71, 5 aces; Setting 93-97, 32 assists (Kayla Nelson 86-90-31); Hitting 97-112, 38 kills (Karlea Stahl 38-44-16, Macy Chambers 12-16-8, Carly Jost 16-17-7); Blocks 7 (Briana Hyde 3.5, Dakota Feller 2.5); Digs 30 (Deidre Lamb 8, Stahl 7).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 85-90, 15 aces (Kady Pinney 15-16-6, Maranda Wagner 20-21-3, Kayleigh Henderson 11-11-2); Setting 108-108, 39 assists (Callie Slater 99-99-35, Aundrea Kramer 8-8-4); Hitting (Kayleigh Henderson 17-18-16, Pinney 23-27-15, Ariel Bieber 15-18-11); Blocks 9 (Henderson 4, Bieber 3); Digs 59 (Wagner 23, Pinney 12).
JV Match: Sully Buttes 25-22, 25-13. C Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-13, 20-25, 15-10.

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