KATIE ZERR: Undecided still waiting for that ‘Aha’ moment


In November, we will be casting votes to elect our president and set in motion the path on which the country will move for the next four years.

As we watch the debates unfold, if undecided voters were looking for game changing moment there have been few. There has not been that time during the debate that this Independent voter said, yes, this man deserves my vote.

We have been told many times how this candidate will change the course of the nation and how the policies of the other have or will harm this country.

Both men will bring qualities to the job that are necessary to continue to bring this country out of the one of the most devastating economic downturns in our history. We have not recovered as President Obama promised we would. He obviously didn’t see that selfish politics would play a large role in that recovery. He made big promises he couldn’t keep and it has come back to haunt him.

Voters will need to ask themselves some very pointed questions before heading to the polls. They will need to take a realistic evaluation of what has happened these past four years and what could have been avoided.

It is not the place of one person to tell another how to vote. Each of us must weigh the options and vote as our brains tell us.

There have been moments when, as an Independent, undecided voter, comments made by members of one party or the other impact the manner in which a candidate is perceived.

It is particularly disturbing to one who has paid their share of taxes all of their working life to hear someone say a certain candidate must be elected in order for them to be able to keep from paying their share. Is it right to be able to hide wealth in order to not pay taxes? Is it right to be able to create shelters in which to hide accumulated wealth in order to not have to pay a fair share of what is made?

Those who do not make more than $30,000 may not pay a lot in taxes, but having that amount taken from a paycheck to go the government probably hurts the bottom line more.

It is not important that those who are wealthy be made to pay more. It is important that those who have wealth are expected to pay their fair share.

Others say we need to keep entitlement programs in place for them to get what is owed to them. To that comment, an Independent, undecided voter could react with a negative perception of the candidate that would continue policies that perpetuate that attitude.

A person who has worked all of their life and paid into Social Security and Medicare expects those programs to pay back when the time comes. To a person who has known others who have needed a hand up when things got rough, it is expected that help would be there when needed.

But it shouldn’t be an expected right to have money from federal programs in order for them to exist unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Those that voice the opinion they are “owed” make it difficult for those who need a hand up to get it when the time comes.

Basing a vote on whether the climate of hidden tax shelters will continue or whether federal handouts will be there for those who don’t want to do their fair share seems shallow and selfish.

Our votes should be based on who we feel has the knowledge of how to get things done in a political environment that is shameful and childish. Our votes should be based on who will have backbone to stand up to their party and say no to ideas that are harmful to the majority of Americans. Our votes should not be based on whether a candidate is black or white, or what religion he practices or whether or not he will provide the services we feel we are entitled to, be it tax shelters or government programs, but who is the best leader.

Voting should be based on what is best for the nation as a whole because now is the time we need a strong, intelligent leader to take us from this point forward.


– Katie Zerr –

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