JAY DAVIS: Aberdeen most likely trip on Tuesday


The volleyball regular season is winding down and getting ready for a postseason that will start at the end of October. The Walworth County volleyball teams are setting themselves up for a couple long runs during the postseason. The girls have a couple weeks to get their games in tip-top condition.

The football postseason is nearly here. In fact the regular season will end and the playoffs will have had the first round played by next week’s Tribune. With that we’ll turn our attention to the gridiron.

The Tigers have more than one scenario to look at, but one to concentrate on. That is a return trip to face an Aberdeen Roncalli team that had its way with the Tigers on the last day of August. The Cavaliers beat the Tigers 36-0 that day, and the Tigers were a healthy team with all the starters in place.

That is not the only possibility for a Tuesday road trip, however. Deuel is ranked second in the region, Webster Area is ranked third and Groton Area is ranked fifth. Groton goes to Deuel on Thursday. If Groton wins that game, well, I’m not good enough at power point math to know what will happen, but here’s a couple things that could happen.

Groton could win and knock Deuel down to fourth. That would send the Tigers to Webster. The Bearcats play a winless Crow Creek team and will finish at 6-2.

If all the wins and losses from every schedule collide in exactly the right order, the Tigers could actually finish fifth in the region with Groton moving up to fourth. That would not eliminate the Tigers from the playoffs, but it would send them down a different road. If that would happen (it is highly doubtful) then the Tigers would most likely be making a long trip to either Rapid City to play St. Thomas More or to Colton to face Tri-Valley.

Don’t spend too much time fretting about the Tigers having to go anywhere but straight east. Expect to head to Aberdeen on Tuesday.

Our brothers-in-arms at Herreid-Selby Area are trying to put the finishing touch on a perfect regular season in Eureka on Thursday. The Patriots beat the Wolverines in Herreid last year, and this is the rivalry game, so a lot is at stake. The biggest thing the Wolverines are fighting for is home field advantage. Herreid-Selby Area and Warner are both undefeated and tied for first in power points. A win over Eureka-Bowdle should give the Wolverines an edge over Warner for the top spot in the region. It could also set up a rematch with the Wolverines and Patriots playing again on Tuesday. But, the best-case scenario is that H-SA will host Wilmot or Wolsey-Wessington come the opening round.

The other big game on Thursday is the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves hosting Lead-Deadwood. The Braves are 4-2 and ranked third in Class 11A Region 3. Beating a winless Lead-Deadwood should give the Braves a home game in the first round of the playoffs. Chamberlain is ranked second, but has just a slim lead on the Braves (45.714 power points to 44.143). The Braves will move up with a win. Chamberlain will move down with a loss, and the Cubs have to play 5-2 Wagner.

A home game in the playoff would be a wonderful treat for the football fans down at Eagle Butte.


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