Dist. governor touts “Peace through Service” theme


By Peg Wunder

Loren Boyens, District Governor, presented the program on Monday, Oct. 22, when Rotary met at noon at the Moose Lodge.
Loren got involved in Rotary in 2000 when he was club president. He started out by talking about the theme for Rotary this year, which is “Peace through Service.” He commented that as he visits clubs in the district and talks to people, he finds that everyone at the meetings are part of Rotary because they are the type of people who want to help and to make things better in their communities.
He commented that Mobridge Rotary is a huge footprint on Mobridge and is growing.  He encouraged the Mobridge Rotary to reach beyond Mobridge. One of the ways he suggested would be to team up with other clubs for a project in another country such as purchasing wheelchairs for people in Romania or solar ovens for people in Haiti. He said “Seeing what Rotary is like and what it means in other parts of the world is a very unique experience.”
He talked how Rotary has programs for youth exchange. There are also college Rotary organizations at the School of Mines and at South Dakota State University.  There are six interact Rotary groups in high schools in South Dakota and it is hoped that one day there will be a Rotary club in every high school in the state.
Loren was pleased that Mobridge participates in selling foundation tickets and provides a Sitting Bull Stampede overnight stay each year.
This year the District got $58,000 back from Rotary International and he urged the Mobridge Rotary to apply for a simplified grant to help fund a project next year.
He very briefly talked about getting a Rotary license plate by asking for it when Rotarians buy new license plates and can then affix the Rotary emblem to that plate.  These plates do not cost more than the regular plates.
He ended by urging Rotarians to get involved in the projects the clubs decide to pursue.  He suggested that to be really happy in one’s lifetime, one needs to love and serve mankind.
Guests were Sheila Boyens, Larry Lyngstad from Pierre and Lora Goettich, executive director of the District.  Lora is from Denison, Iowa.
Herb McClellan reported that he has workers in place for the Halloween party. The National Honor Society will have about 10 students there to help and eight other high school students have volunteered to help with the little kids’ party on Halloween. If possible, Herb would like some help at 5 p.m. to help set up the games in the commons area of the high school. The middle school dance will be Friday, Oct. 26, at Freeman Davis School. Jan Sayler reported that bonus bucks will be the prizes. She said that she would like some help in getting sponsors and anyone interested should contact her or Mark Dady.
Michelle Harrison announced that the Pheasants Forever Banquet is on Tuesday and the Rockie Mountain Elk Banquet will be on Friday and both will be held at the Country Club.
Mark Dady reported that NORT had stated that they would not need the $500 that they were to receive this year. They requested that Rotary give that $500 to the Snow Queen Contest. Motion made and passed unanimously to approve giving the money to the Snow Queen Contest.
Leonard Linde read the thank you note that Rotary received from Eileen Gienger for the roses she received.
Peg Wunder reported that all bills are not in but that the Roses for Rotary Fundraiser is finished and well over $3,800 was raised for furnishings in the community room at the new library addition from the sale of roses.
The Monday Night Football winner was Lauran Rothstein.  John Rothstein was not present to claim the 50/50 pot.  Angie Svihovec will have the program next week when Rotary meets at noon at the Moose Club.

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