Scarecrow Hollow 2012 a success


By Katie Zerr –

October 2012 marked another year of success for Scarecrow Hollow Haunted House as more than 1,600 visitors toured the annual affair.

According to Scarecrow Hollow President Shawn Stickney, more visitors toured the “Year of the Clown” themed former Kesling Funeral Home this year, than did in 2011.

“We averaged 400 plus souls a night passing through our doors, bringing our average up from 350,” he said.  “Our goal is to do 600 a night.”

One new twist to the event this year was the option to purchase VIP tickets, which allowed people the chance to go to the front of the line.

“People could spend double the price and move to the front of the line, bypassing the long lines for general admission,” said Stickney.  “The canned goods drive weren’t as good as years past but we still managed to collect a few hundred pieces for the Mobridge Food Bank.”

The event has historically brought people into town from outside the area and this year was no different.

“We had people from all the area towns along with Ft. Yates, Linton, Wishek, Bismarck, Aberdeen, Groton, Pierre and Miller,” said Stickney. We also  had people traveling through from New York, California, and Minnesota.”

Stickney said the proceeds from this year’s haunt will go to expenses left from the 2012 event, to the A. H. Brown Library Fund (their volunteers helped to run the box office,) donations to other local organizations and for operating expenses for the house. Some funding will also be used for promotional events for 2013 and construction of the 2013 haunt, which will be the 10th anniversary for Scarecrow Hollow.

“We are challenged every year to keep it fresh and exciting for our fans,” said Stickney.  “We hope to make things bigger and better every year and never to let it get stale.”

It takes many people to keep the event going  through the years. There is the core group of volunteers who work on the project throughout the year and more than 60 volunteers who help over the four days of the actual event. Volunteers that helped on the 2012 project were Brandon Rookey, Mary St. Pierre, Jackie and Adam Schmidt, Jack Walth, Steve Chandler, Chase Chandler, Anthony Eagle, Austin Nisbet, Brian Sippert, Kayla Boysen, Eric Roshau, Allie Bonn, Lisa Wientjes, Brady Fuhrer, Hudson Frankfurth, Staci Wilson, Donald Wilson, Keith and Kelsi Reiss, Andy Shoe, Dawn Konold, Jill Forbes, Monica Schmaltz, Paul Hoffman, Sierra and Naomi Wessel, Danny, Haley and Dakota Nickels, Jacob Byeyle, Donte Two Lance, Killian Warner, Brandon Carlson, Ryan Ebel, Rick and Kerry Bolduan, Tiffany Stickney, Allison Ritter, Kasey Nisbet, Andy Nisbet, Dusty Roebuck, Gilbert Mickelson, Yolanda Paquet (Yo Yo), Lesley Fischer and Tasha Sandland, all from Mobridge.

Also volunteering were Michelle Kowalski from Aberdeen; Lee Ann Benson, Erin Benson, Haley Benson, Walker Ruhd, Chelsie Kalloff and Kellie Thomas, all from Clear Lake; Taylor Chandler and Jenna Chandler from Ipswich; Brian Rawstern, Kristen Mayer, Theresa Kosters, Shawn Stickney and Payton Gasser from Selby; Kendal Fey from Bismarck and Sarah Gates and Robbie Walth from Pierre.


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