JAY DAVIS:Every team could use Buster Posey, ‘leader of men’


Every team in every sport should have a player like San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey.

Two years ago, Posey led the Giants to the 2010 World Series title. Last year he suffered a horrific injury on a play at the plate. Without their catcher, the Giants failed to make the playoffs. With Posey healthy and having an MVP-type year, the Giants are again champions of the baseball world.

Did you know that of the eight regular starters for the Giants, Posey is the only player left from the 2010 championship team? That is a whole lot of turnover in just two seasons.

Here’s a story I remember reading about Posey when he was a rookie during the 2010 championship run.

The Giants’ scout in the southeast (Posey is from Georgia) went to watch the high schooler play. His scouting report to Giants’ general manager Brian Sabean said in essence to do whatever it takes to draft and sign the young catcher, because (and this part I remember distinctly) “he is a leader of men!”

In 2010, Posey was the National League Rookie of the year. This season he led the Major Leagues with a .336 batting average, while hitting 24 home runs and driving in 103 RBIs. Plus, he was behind the plate nearly every day to catch what turned out to be the best pitching staff in baseball.

Ask any coach if he would like just one player like Buster Posey and he’ll tell you, “I’ll take him and build a winning team around him.” Unfortunately, leaders of men are not taught such. They are the fortunate few that God touched and sent out with an innate ability.

Here’s another example of what it is to be a leader of men. Back when Tim Tebow was in high school, then Florida coach Urban Meyer was scouting him, but also had two other quarterbacks in mind. In fact, Tebow was not he frontrunner. In the spring, Meyer went to one of Tebow’s high school baseball games. He saw, in a completely different sport, that Tebow was a leader of men. It was then and there that Meyer decided this young man would be the next to lead his Gators. It worked out pretty well and Meyer, Tebow and the Florida Gators won the National Championship in 2006 and 2008.

By the way, both of these young men are just 25 years of age. The future will see, but do not be surprised if their tomorrows hold much more important roles than that of professional athlete. Who knows, maybe they will move on to become leaders of cities, or states, or even our country.

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