Focused Lady Tigers sweep to District 11A crown


By Jay Davis

A focused Lady Tigers hit the court in tune and won six straight sets to win their fifth straight title at the District 11A Volleyball Tournament at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Thursday.
“We did not want to give anyone a chance to hang with us,” said coach Keri Bolduan. “The girls decided they wanted to win the District 11A championship!”
Mobridge-Pollock put Cheyenne-Eagle Butte on the defensive early in the championship match with a 25-11 win. The next two sets were closer, but the Braves never threatened as the Lady Tigers swept with 25-18 and 25-17 wins.
“We were really focused on getting back to playing the way we started this year,” said Bolduan. “We have made some changes over the past two weeks and wanted to make sure we were up to speed with all the new rotations. We wanted to serve aggressively.”
The hard serving produced 17 aces with the Lady Tigers making good on 72 of 78 serves. Kayleigh Henderson got hot and served up six aces with Kady Pinney and Callie Slater serving three aces each. The front line attacked to the tune of 57 of 63 with 31 kills. Pinney was 16 of 17 with 10 kills. Henderson was 12 of 13 with seven kills and Ellie Rabenberg was 17 of 18 with six kills. That made the three hitters a combined 45 of 48 with 23 kills. Slater kept the ball spread around with 23 assists on 57 of 58 setting.
The defense did not have to make many plays, but when defense was needed, Maranda Wagner had 14 digs and Pinney had 10. Aundrea Kramer defended the net with two of the Lady Tigers’ four blocks.
Nellie Dupris led Cheyenne-Eagle Butte with seven kills on 10 of 10 hitting. Marquel Shepherd worked the net for a match-leading four blocks. Kali Hale had eight assists and Sam Bowker had three aces.
The Braves end the season at 15-15 and as district runners-up to the Lady Tigers for the fourth straight year.

Stanley County
The Mobridge-Pollock intensity showed from the first serve as the Lady Tigers rattled off a 25-7, 25-11, 25-10 win over Stanley County.
“We wanted to set the tone for the night in the opening match,” said Bolduan.
The Lady Tigers were spot-on, serving at a 96-percent clip and hitting 90 percent. The girls had 14 aces and 26 kills. Kady Pinney served 24 times and connected on all 24 with eight aces. Slater and Rabenberg added three aces each. The top three hitters went a combined 27 for 29 with 17 kills. Rabenberg led with seven kills. Ariel Bieber followed with six kills.
The Lady Tigers did not surrender much to the Stanley County offense. Mobridge-Pollock needed just 30 digs with Wagner making 12 stops and Pinney seven.
Before the Lady Tigers could hit the court, they had to wait out a five-set marathon between Cheyenne-Eagle Butte and McLaughlin. The match looked like it could go either way for a while. The first three sets were all 25-23 matches with the Lady Midgets winning sets one and three and the Braves winning set two. The Braves started taking control in the fourth set. They squared the match at 2-2 with a 25-15 win before completely taking over winning the rubber set 15-2.

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte (15-15)      11 18 17
Mobridge-Pollock (22-6)               25 25 25
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte: Serving 40-47, 5 aces (Sam Bowker 8-10-3); Setting 37-44, 12 assists (Kali Hale 16-16-8); Hitting 27-30, 14 kills (Nelly Dupris 10-10-7); Blocks 8 (Marquel Shepherd 4).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 72-78, 17 aces (Kayleigh Henderson 14-15-6, Callie Slater 12-13-3, Kady Pinney 10-11-3); Setting 63-64, 24 assists (Slater 57-58-23, Aundrea Kramer 5-5-1); Hitting 57-63, 31 kills (Pinney 16-17-10, Henderson 12-13-7, Ellie Rabenberg 17-18-6); Blocks 4 (Kramer 2); Digs 38 (Maranda Wagner 14, Pinney 10).

Stanley County (1-18)                     7 11 10
Mobridge-Pollock (21-6)               25 25 25
Stanley County: Serving 21-29, 1 aces (Nicole Smith 6-6, Katie Lehrkamp 5-6); Setting (Lehrkamp 6 assists); Hitting 35-41, 6 kills (Hailey Norman 5); Blocks (Cheyenne Whitley 4); Digs (Lehrkamp 8).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 68-71, 14 aces (Kady Pinney 24-24-8, Callie Slater 9-10-3, Ellie Rabenberg 7-8-3); Setting 43-43, 21 assists (Slater 40-40-15, Aundrea Kramer 3-3-2); Hitting 36-40, 26 kills (Rabenberg 15-16-7, Ariel Bieber 6-7-6, Pinney 6-6-4); Blocks 2 (Kramer, Bieber); Digs 30 (Maranda Wagner 12, Pinney 7).

McLaughlin (11-14)            25 23 25 15   2
C-EB (15-14)                       23 25 23 25 15
McLaughlin: No stats reported.
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte: Serving 84-90, 15 aces (Sam Bowker 18-19-5, Kimmie LeCompte 10-10-3); Setting 84-86, 19 assists (Bowker 43-43-10, Kali Hale 22-23-7); Hitting 56-72, 44 kills (Nelly Dupris 22-28-19, Marquel Shepherd 14-16-10); Blocks 7 (M. Shepherd 4, Kaleb Shepherd 2); Digs 17 (LeCompte 4, Tatum Mendoza 4).

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