JAY DAVIS: Lady Tigers, President have a common four-year term


President Barack Obama, his wife and daughters moved into a big white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest in Washington, D.C., in 2009. Since that time, the Lady Tigers are the only team that has represented Region 6A at the State A Volleyball Tournament.

To some it may seem that playing in the final eight on the last weekend of the year is old hat for our volleyball players. Well, it is and it isn’t. It is true that the seniors on the squad know the ropes. They have not faced a season that ended until the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But for eight of the 14 players this is a brand new experience. And hopefully, like those who spent their first state tournament as a bench player, this is a catalyst for working hard enough to become the kind of players who can lead their team to even more state tourneys in the future.

Wow, political rambling on the day after the election! Sorry, I shouldn’t be getting ahead of the bus.

The volleyball season is not over for nearly every fan for a wide radius as Herreid-Selby Area and Timber Lake are also playing in the state tournament next week.

The Wolverines of Herreid-Selby Area are looking to win early and get to the championship semifinals and beyond after winning the consolation title last year.

The Lady Panthers of Timber Lake are making their first-ever trip to state. It is a very exciting time for that program.

The Lady Tigers and the rest of the Class A field will converge on the Civic Arena in Watertown for the State A Volleyball Tournament Nov. 15 through 17. The Lady Tigers (23-6) will start the proceedings. They are the eighth seed and will play number one seed Belle Fourche (31-1) at noon. Four seed Dakota Valley (26-3) and five seed Wagner (30-3) will play at 1:45 p.m. Three seed Sioux Falls Christian (27-4) and six seed Aberdeen Roncalli (23-5) will meet at 6 p.m. before two seed Pine Ridge (31-1) and seven seed Sioux Valley (23-5) round out day one at 7:45 p.m.

The Class B Tournament will be played in the Corn Palace in Mitchell where Herreid-Selby Area is the three seed and Timber Lake is the seven seed.

Top seed Parker (32-0) will play eight seed Lyman (16-12) at noon. Four seed Andes Central (29-3) and five seed Arlington (30-5) will play at 1:45. Herreid-Selby Area (28-2) and six seed James Valley Christian (21-6) will start the night session at 6 p.m. with Timber Lake (24-7) taking on two seed Warner (31-0) at 7:45 p.m.

The only unfortunate to the whole thing is that the tourneys are in different gyms in different cities this year.

The state tourneys were both held in the Sioux Falls Arena last November. That made covering both of the Walworth/Campbell County teams a snap (and a pleasure, by the way).

Separate cities and separate gyms will be wonderful for the fans of each tourney, but it will force people like me to watch the Class B tourney on a motel room TV.

That’s okay. It will be an interesting and exciting weekend as it is.


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