KATIE ZERR: Now comes the most difficult of tasks


Although the candidates may not believe it, the easiest part of this election is over. Now problem-solving must be the primary focus.

Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party members and Independents need now decide that what is best for the country must be foremost on the agenda.

The past two years have been pathetic. The moneymakers have pushed this Congress into being a fearful, do-nothing body that pushes the agendas of lobbyists and does little to help those who need it most.

It is shameful that during a time of the worst drought since the Dirty 30s this Congress could not get a Farm Bill on the table. It is disgraceful that the economic recovery is being held up by the fear of the fiscal cliff and political games.

It is now time for Nancy Pelosi to put away her arrogance, for John Boehner to grow a backbone and Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Harry Ried to begin doing what they should have been for past two years, to lead that body into working on solutions to this country’s problems.

It matters not whether people believe this financial mess is President’s Obama’s fault. It is up to him as president of this country to be bold enough to pressure this Congress into action. He needs to put aside the wounded feelings and change his attitude about the opposition.

President Obama needs to use all of the resources available to him to pressure Congress into what is in the best interest of this country. He needs work with Congress to find and present solutions to problems, not be the problem.

We have languished long enough in the “one-term president” mode. It didn’t happen and the health of this nation now lies squarely on the shoulders of its leaders.

Pelosi needs to grow up and put the nation above her personal need to constantly remind the Republicans who is in the White House. Her arrogance and refusal to even talk to members of the Republican Party has to be dealt with quickly. The president needs to sit her down and tell her that it is unacceptable for her to behave like a mean middle school girl.

Boehner needs to dry his tears and show us he deserves the leadership role. He needs to get his party in line and make them work on what is best for this country.

Boehner needs to let them know that personal agendas and those of big contributors must take a back seat during these tough times.

McConnell and Ried must work with this administration and bring our nation back. It must not be another four years of the same infighting and do-nothing, finger-pointing childish behavior we have witnessed over and over again.

They will need to take the hatchets from each other’s backs and bury them.

But the people of this country must also admit they have played a hand in this mess. We must get over the fact that we elected a black Democrat to the White House and get back to the fact that he is our president, and will be for the next four years.

We need correct those who spit out his name like it is a rotten food and remind them of respect. Venomous language is the basis of hate and has led to a deep division of this nation.

Somewhere along the line we began to tolerate lies, not just campaign mudslinging, but outright lies, from both sides. It became the norm again this election.

It does nothing more than breed the contempt of those who don’t know the difference and who don’t care to look for the truth.

We must demand that our news networks tell us the truth without liberal or conservative bias. They must trust us to be able to take the information they provide and make our own decisions.

It is their job to present us with the news, with the facts (something that actually exists; reality) and let us decide. We don’t need four more years of demonization and lies.

From this point on, it must be problem solving and partnerships to pull this train back on the track and move on.

 – Katie Zerr –


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