JAY DAVIS: Volleyball team has been Tiger team of the last decade


Something has become evident in recent years. If you have a young lady who plays volleyball for the Lady Tigers of Mobridge-Pollock High School; the odds are that you have been to more than one state volleyball tournament.

Not only will Thursday mark the fourth straight year the Lady Tigers have played at state, it will also commemorate the sixth trip in nine years. The Lady Tigers volleyball team has been the driving force of Mobridge and Mobridge-Pollock athletics since the turn of the century.

With this four-year run going it is easy to forget that the Lady Tigers played at state in 2004 and 2005, setting the stage for this remarkable run. The Lady Tigers made their first trip to state in 1990, so Thursday also marks the team’s seventh trip to the final eight.

Dating back to 2002, the first year that volleyball was played in fall*, the Lady Tigers have been the shining star in the district and the region.

Since the fall of 2002, the Lady Tigers have played in 11 district tournaments (seven 12A and four 11A) and won 9 district titles. The girls won five of seven before the district switched over to 11A in 2009. District 11A has not crowned anyone but the Lady Tigers since the numerical change. That makes the Lady Tigers 19-2 in district play since ’02. They are 6-3 in Region 6A play over the same time.

The one place the Lady Tigers would like to raise their record is at the State A Volleyball Tournament. After finishing seventh in 1990, eighth in 2004, sixth in 2005, fourth in 2009, seventh in 2010 and third last year, the Lady Tigers have an overall record of six wins and 14 losses in state tournament play. Last fall’s third-place finish was the first time the Lady Tigers won two games in a single state tournament.

That could change starting Thursday as the Lady Tigers shoot for their second straight tourney with multiple wins.

* For those of you who do not remember, there was a time when volleyball was played in the winter and girls’ basketball was played in the fall. Oh, the furor and anger that was misplaced back then. There were many who thought that having our girls play basketball at the same time as the boys would be such a travesty! Back in 2000 when the decision was first made, I wrote in Ball Five that in 10 years no one would even remember how difficult it was to switch the basketball and volleyball seasons. Twelve years later there are no players left who even remember volleyball being a winter sport.


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