Lady Panthers beat Lyman for first state tourney win


By Jay Davis

Kristie Mettler led Timber Lake with 32 kills at the State B Volleyball Tournament.

With a 3-1 win over Lyman in the seventh-place matchup, the Lady Panthers of Timber Lake recorded the team’s first-ever state tournament win. The victory propelled the Lady Panthers to a seventh-place finish at the State B Volleyball Tournament, played Thursday through Saturday at the Corn Palace in Mitchell.

Lyman came out firing against Timber Lake and took an early 1-0 lead with a 25-18 win. The Lady Panthers quickly turned the tables on the Raiders and ran away with a 25-13 win in set two. With their superiority established, the Lady Panthers took over and won out 25-18 and 25-20.
Kristie Mettler finished her career with an outstanding match. The high-flying 5’1” hitter had 14 kills, 18 digs and eight aces to lead the Lady Panthers. Courtney Dahlgren knocked down a team-leading 16 kills and added four aces. Pelagie Jewett added nine kills. Skya Ducheneaux and Kailee Webb combined for 42 assists. Kathryn Biegler had 16 digs and Webb had 12.
The Timber Lake serve-receive was spot-on and held Lyman without an ace in the contest.
Anna Flitner led Lyman with a match-high 19 kills and defended with two blocks and 18 digs. Bailey Almond let setting with 15 assists. Haley Halverson led all net defenders with three blocks.

Herreid-Selby Area
The Lady Panthers could not keep pace with the taller Herreid-Selby Area Wolverines in the consolation semifinals. Herreid-Selby Area swept Timber Lake 25-18, 25-19, 25-12.
Mettler and Dahlgren took care of hitting when given the opportunity and finished with 12 and 10 kills, respectively. Mettler led the defense with 16 digs. Ducheneaux dished out 12 assists and defended with six digs.
Shauni Schwartz led Herreid-Selby Area with 15 kills. Haylee Biel added eight kills. Abbey Fjeldheim led the defense with 10 digs and served two aces. McKenzie Frank led passing with 17 assists. Kendra Thorstenson added seven digs and five assists.

The Lady Panthers’ reward for earning their first trip to the state tournament was a meeting with a team on its way to make history.
Timber Lake drew Warner in the opening round. The Lady Panthers started the match with a 3-2 lead, but Warner ripped off the next 12 points and never looked back. The Monarchs beat the Panthers 25-9, 25-8, 25-14. Warner went on to win the state title with a perfect 34-0 record. With the state title, the Monarchs completed a season in which they did not lose a single set, let alone a match.
The Lady Panthers managed just nine kills. Mettler found a couple holes to knock down six kills. Ducheneaux got hot serving and hit four aces. Biegler led the defense with 13 digs.
Rachel Rogers led Warner with 12 kills, three blocks and three aces. Carly Rozell was all over court with nine service aces, four kills, three blocks, three assists and four digs. Ashley Rozell took care of the hitters with 23 assists, while adding four aces and six digs.

Timber Lake (25-9)                  18 25 25 25
Lyman (16-15)                         25 13 18 20
Timber Lake: Serving 14 aces (Kristie Mettler 8, Courtney Dahlgren 4, Kailee Webb 2); Setting 42 assists (Skya Ducheneaux 23, Webb 19); Hitting 48 kills (Dahlgren 16, Mettler 14, Pelagie Jewett 9, Webb 6, Ducheneaux, Tylyn LeBeau, Kathryn Biegler); Blocks 2 (Mettler 1, Dahlgren .5, LeBeau .5); Digs 69 (Mettler 18, Biegler 16, Webb 12, Dahlgren 9, Ducheneaux 8, Reba Aberle 4, Jewett, LeBeau).
Lyman: Serving 0 aces; Setting 31 assists (Bailey Almond 15, Chesney Garmos 8, Anna Flitner 4, Bailey Lulf 2, Haley Halverson, Sara Herman); Hitting 33 kills (Flitner 19, Brooklyn Halverson 5, Jessica Welter 4, Almond 2, Rachel Chester, H. Halverson, Garmos); Blocks 8 (H. Halverson 3, B. Halverson 2, Flitner 2, Welter); Digs 65 (Flitner 18, Herman 15, Hanna Thiry 7, Almond 5, Chester 3, H. Halverson 2, Lulf, Carly Uthe, Welter, B. Halverson).

Timber Lake (24-9)                      18 19 12
Herreid-Selby Area (29-3)            25 25 25
Timber Lake: Serving 2 aces (Laura O’Leary, Biegler); Setting 22 assists (Ducheneaux 12, Webb 6, Mettler 2, LeBeau 2); Hitting 27 kills (Mettler 12, Dahlgren 10, Webb 3, Jewett, Ducheneaux); Blocks 1 (Dahlgren); Digs 38 (Mettler 16, Ducheneaux 6, Biegler 6, Dahlgren 3, O’Leary 3, Webb 2, Aberle, LeBeau).
Herreid-Selby Area: Serving 4 aces (Fjeldheim 2, Grace Russell, Jenna Vander Laan); Setting 27 assists (Frank 17, K. Thorstenson 5, Russell 2, Fjeldheim 2, J. Thorstenson); Hitting 31 kills (Schwartz 15, Biel 8, Quaschnick 4, J. Thorstenson 2, K. Thorstenson, Frank); Blocks 3 (Biel, Schwartz, K. Thorstenson); Digs 48 (Fjeldheim 10, K. Thorstenson 7, Frank 7, Olson 5, Quaschnick 4, Schwartz 4, Madden 3, Meidinger 3, Biel 2, J. Thorstenson 2, Reierson).

Timber Lake (24-8)                         9   8 14
Warner (31-0)                               25 25 25
Timber Lake: Serving 5 aces (Ducheneaux 4, Webb); Setting 5 assists (Ducheneaux 4, Webb); Hitting 9 kills (Mettler 6, Webb, Dahlgren, Biegler); Blocks 3 (Mettler 1, Pelagie Jewett .5, Ducheneaux .5, Jordan Bickel .5, LeBeau .5); Digs 29 (Biegler 13, Mettler 7, Webb 3, Aberle 2, Dahlgren 2, Ducheneaux 2).
Warner: Serving 23 aces (Carly Rozell 9, Ashley Rozell 4, Alyssa Jung 3, Rachel Rogers 3, Bailee Holscher 2, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Kaitlyn Boesl); Setting 27 assists (A. Rozell 23, C. Rozell 3, Rogers); Hitting 28 kills (Rogers 12, Miranda Ristau 6, Jaicee Schlosser 4, C. Rozell 4, A. Rozell, Kari Gascoigne); Blocks 14 (Gascoigne 4, C. Rozell 3, Rogers 3, Ristau 2, A. Rozell, Schlosser); Digs 34 (Jung 11, A. Rozell 6, Armstrong 4, C. Rozell 4, Emily Larson 3, Schlosser 2, Rogers 2, Boesl, Gascoigne).

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