Dinner theater Dec. 9 at Edge Event Center


Be ready for “A Dickens of a Time” when local talent brings the play to life at the Edge Event Center on Sunday, Dec. 9. Two performances of the play are planned with a dessert matinee set for 2 p.m. and a dinner theatre set for 6 p.m.

Carl, played by Brent Goertzen, is completely frustrated with his untalented cast as he seeks to bring Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” to life as a musical. From left are Roy Thompson, who plays the assistant director, Mike Fred as the Ghost of Christmas Future, Abi Fred as Jacob Marley, Meredith Thompson playing the Ghost of Christmas Present, narrator Dustin Burgraff and Denise Fred who portrays the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Loosely based on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” the play is written by Mobridge author Brent Goertzen. According to Goertzen, disaster ensues when perfectionist director Carl, played by Goertzen, wants to put on a high-class musical performance of  “A Christmas Carol,” but has only a bunch of small town, untalented actors to work with. Assistant director Bobby, played by Roy Thompson, is the ultimate annoying screw-up who only has the job because his father is paying for the production.
Local actors who make up the cast for Carl’s musical production include Levi Stiegelmeier, playing Sam who is Scrooge; Abi Fred, portraying Traci who is Jacob Marley; Joe Stout, who plays the man who begs Scrooge for money; and Greg Fred, who plays Tony. Dustin Burggraff is the narrator.
Carl becomes so frustrated with the cast that he storms off the set during the last rehearsal. That night he has eye-opening visits from the Angel of Christmas Past, played by Denise Fred, the Angel of Christmas Present (Meredith Thompson) the Angel of Christmas Future (Mike Fred) and his deceased father (Tim Zabel).  The disastrous show goes on the next day and Carl comes to an important realization about his obsession with perfection.
The evening meal includes a choice of prime rib or coconut shrimp with all the trimmings. The dessert matinee features apple blossom dessert with homemade ice cream. A limited number of tickets are available and must be purchased in advance by calling Family Worship Center at 845-3214. Ticket prices are $25 for the dinner theatre and $10 for the dessert matinee. Some of the proceeds will be donated back to the community.
The event is sponsored by the Growing Edge Foundation.

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