Padilla, Rudebusch headed to the penitentiary


By Katie Zerr –

Jeff Padilla of New Mexico was sentenced to five years in the South Dakota State Penitentiary, Monday, Nov. 26, for his escape from the exercise yard at the Walworth County Jail.

He was being held at the jail after being arrested in Sioux County N.D. He has a felony warrant in New Mexico.

On Saturday, Oct. 29, Padilla, with the help of other inmates in the exercise yard, cut a hole in the woven wire fence and Padilla escaped. He was spotted by an off-duty jailer, and was arrested 15 minutes later along Highway 12 near Selby by Walworth County deputies.

He was immediately transported to the penitentiary. He will face the felony charges in New Mexico after he finishes serving his sentence in South Dakota.

Mobridge resident Alexander “Sasha” Rudebusch, 19,  is headed to the South Dakota State Penitentiary after helping Padilla escape.

Rudebusch was sentenced Tuesday, Nov. 13, after pleading guilty to first-degree escape for his role in helping Padilla escape the exercise yard. Rudebusch did not leave the yard.

He was serving time at the county jail for an earlier sentence on burglary charges that stemmed from a rash of burglaries that occurred in Mobridge during the summer.

Rudebusch had been sentenced to serve 30 days in the Walworth County Jail after pleading guilty to one count of burglary. He had received an imposition of sentence on those charges but having broken the rules of the court, that suspended imposition was lifted and Rudebusch was sentenced in Fifth Circuit Court in Selby to serve five years in the penitentiary, with 176 days credit for time served.

On the prior burglary charges, Rudebusch was sentenced to serve six years in the penitentiary.

He will be eligible for parole after serving a year-and a half of that sentence.

– Katie Zerr –



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